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There is Power in Your Attitude

Positive thinking can only benefit you

Positive thinking can only benefit you

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Every person is equipped with the power to bring change. If you believe something will happen, be it positive or negative, it will happen. This power is known as intention. It’s a choice and we all control that choice with our attitude.

It all boils down to how you think. Scientists have proven that our minds get into a habit of producing thoughts with a certain mindset. If you usually see life through a negative lens, the chemical produced will be familiar to your brain. The same is true with positve thought.

This perspective will create a chain reaction that starts with the emotions we store and generate on a daily basis.If we learn to nurture the good feelings and discard the negative, then our energy will attract positive energy from others. A smile does wonders to create a better day, a better reaction, and a better life.

Being positive can only lead to good things in your life. Don’t accept defeat and never let negativity stand in your way. Don’t even let it effect your thoughts. Obviously this can be difficult at times. But if you are able to welcome the challenges that face you and take pride in what you have achieved, it will motivate you and energize you to continue this flow of good energy.

Only you can decide what your attitude will be. If you make the daily choice to have a positive attitude your positivity will rub off onto others and begin to change the world. Literally, your attitude and belief can change the world.

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You Can Overcome Any Obstacle

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

the one you feedI motivate businesses and individuals for a living, and like everyone else, I too can grow weary from the demands of life.

Everyday you face difficulties that will discourage you. From normal stress to actual tragedies, life can be hard to handle. The secret to overcoming these obstacles is based on perspective. If you focus on what’s wrong rather than what is good in your life, you’ll fail to overcome your challenges.

Sometimes you must simply take a break and put things into perspective. Right now, some of you may feel ready to give up, but if you can change your attitude, you will see that things aren’t as hopeless as they seem.No matter how bad things might seem, if you persevere with a positive perspective you will find that things eventually change and you develop a happier lifestyle.

As a motivational speaker, my advice is to live a life of gratitude. This means consciously being thankful everyday. I’m not being trite- research actually shows that verbalizing what you’re thankful for, making a list, or even capturing the moment through photography, will help to transform your long term perspective .

I once was challenged to say something I was grateful for every time I turned on the faucet. When I started this, it felt almost comical, but as I continued with the challenge, it started to become habit and my life, by default, improved.

When you start this activity, you may not feel the immediate change, but just like dieting, if you continue to be thankful on a daily, or even hourly basis, you’ll start to feel better. You’re literally putting your perspective through a workout.

There are going to be harsh times as you progress through life, but also know that they won’t last. When you make it through and obstacle that is difficult, you will appreciate the good times and the achievements you worked hard for so much more.

What activities can you do that bring you joy? Dancing in the mirror, playing with your pet, singing out loud to a fun song? All of these are way to build up your positive perspective. Your attitude needs to be fed just like your body. Make sure what you’re putting into it is healthy and helpful.

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Five Tips On Dealing With Negative People

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

You know who I’m talking about. That guy who grumbles in line behind you. That woman who complains about every aspect of her day and doesn’t care to know what’s going on in your’s. That boss who only has a meeting if there is bad news or that coworker who acts like he’s the most stressed out person alive. There are days in all our lives where it is easy to be negative. There are also people in our lives who are always negative. These people choose to be in a bad mood on a daily basis and they can’t seem to get out of this mindset.

When you can’t get away from a negative person in your life, you have to figure out the best way to deal with them. Here are a five tips.

1.) Practice Empathy

When those people we know are on one of their rants or they won’t stop seeing things in a negative light, realize that you don’t know what else they might be going through and you don’t know what struggles they’re dealing with. Once we remember that our perception is not the complete story, we might be a bit easier on those negative people.

2.) Learn to Laugh it Off

Yeah, so in so may be getting on your nerves, but it could very well be your issue as much as it is his. So instead of dwelling on that person who is irritating you, it’s better to see the entire situation as comical rather than controversial.

3.) Listen

Along these same lines, perhaps Negative Nancy needs someone to vent to for a second. I’m not suggesting you waste a lot of time, but giving said person a few moments as a friend may go a long way in the grand scheme of things.

4.) Be a  positive influence  

In life, the only factor you have any sort of control over, is the way that you react. Therefore, all you can really do to help is be a positive light. So smile, listen, be empathetic and then try to put a positive spin on it. Maybe it will help, maybe it won’t, but showing others how to think positively is the best way to help them change. Lead by example, not by explanation.

5.) Block Them Out

In the end, the negativity of people might be too much to deal with for a long stretch of time, and if their attitudes are getting to you, then get away from their attitudes. Close your door, put in some headphones or simply tell them that you have work to focus on, and would they be so kind as to talk to you in a bit. Yes, patience is important, but in the end, you have to do what is right for you. 

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Change the World. Change Your Mind.

Change your thoughts to make a positive impact to the world.

Change your thoughts to make a
positive impact to the world.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

The biggest tool in your life is changing the way you think. The illusions in our life are often our negative perspective, the amount of time we spend worrying and the concept that we are owed something.

In reality the top three things we can work to make our life (and our world) better include:

1. Choosing to see the blessings and opportunities in your day before the downfalls.

2. Choosing not to worry about the factors you have no control over. 

3. Realizing that we can’t earn our happiness. We have to make it happen. 

You have some power in the world. You may think that you are not powerful, but you have a much greater influence on the people in your lives than you may realize. Your actions and the way you perceive the world can have a major effect.

Sometimes you’ll have feelings that things are going badly, but if you put a positive spin on things, it may not seem so bad after all. When you change the way you think, that is, you change the negative attitude and start thinking positively, you’ll have a great impact on your life and the lives around you. In case you help others near you to think more positively, then they can affect the people in their lives as well. The trend continues and thus how you can change the world.

You will draw more good energy toward yourself by being more positive. Never say you can’t do something, or make excuses for not doing what you should have. You should instead embrace your responsibilities and be proud of your accomplishments.

You should encourage people around you to be positive. Life is what you make it. You can begin to change the world by changing your own way of thinking.

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How You Can Develop A Proper Skill-set For A New Job

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

If you have just entered into a new line of work and don’t posses proper skill experience, don’t worry. Many people feel this way when starting a new job, but there are several ways to impress others, build your skill-set, and gain some significant work experience.

Serve Others. What do people love more than a perfect employee? One who makes their life easier, and in work there are plenty of opportunities to help out. Look for ways to brighten someone’s day by helping someone every day. I once worked in an office with a guy who would ask all his teammates every day what he could do to make them happy. This attitude is infectious and really makes for a positive work environment. Start the trend in your workplace and become everyone’s favorite person. Read this article to learn more about the importance of good service.

The Importance of Being Earnest. So you aren’t flawless. That is no excuse to be down on yourself. Work hard and do what you can to the best of your ability while always seeking to improve the situation. Ask questions when needed, but always attempt to learn more and figure stuff out on your own. This will show others that even though you may not know everything now, you’re still a valuable asset to the company.

See the Silver Lining. There are always reasons to complain in both work and in life, but those who make the active choice to be positive about each situation they face will live better, have more energy and stay motivated. It’s a simple lifestyle change that will revolutionize your perspective. If you expect and believe that good things will happen, you’ll do well.

Look for opportunities within your community. Go look for some courses related to your profession, which are being offered in your community. Public libraries and community colleges serve as excellent resources for learning new skill. This is because they usually offer amateurs low-budget programs through which you can acquire the basic skills needed for IT jobs, accounting or business related jobs etc. Some fields require advanced certificates like a bachelor’s degree and such. In such cases you can take up part-time bachelor’s courses at a university, which will allow you to schedule your classes around your work timings.

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