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Age is No Reason To Give Up

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.


There are many examples of people achieving fame and success late in life. Poet, Walt Whitman, painter, Grandma Moses,  Academy award winning actor, F. Murray Abraham, famous cook, Julia Child, and comic book artist, Stan Lee, are all excellent  examples of influential people who didn’t fulfill their destiny until late in life.

Regardless of age, these people followed their passions and eventually became some of the most famous people in their field. These  were normal people who continued to improve who they were and what they did because they had an interest in something. But just  like any other goal, passion takes persistence to become successful. Julia Child’s, Mastering the Art of French Cooking took years to write and get published after she started cooking at 40. Walt Wittman didn’t make enough money to buy a house until he was 63 and had published Leaves of Grass several times.

These people didn’t get lucky, they worked hard and eventually had something to show for it. In the same way, we all can achieve a little or a lot in our lives. We might not get rich and famous by the time we’re 30, but honestly, how often should that happen? Your life has just begun at that point. Most people don’t even know who they are until later in life. Passion takes time to recognize and goals take work to succeed. Follow what you love and stick to it. You never know what kind of influence you’ll have.

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A Leadership Speaker on Being Persistant in Pursuing Your Dreams

Be persistent in whatever you do. As leadership speakers say, it is the key to achieving your goals.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

Leadership speakers know that we have all had a problem with motivation. Most of us have at least been through a time where we had a very important task to do but somehow, we are not motivated to do it. Sometimes we know exactly what we have to do, but we just find ourselves procrastinating and choosing to do other things first. This will often further hurt the levels of motivation in achieving anything. Procrastination is one of the major limitations in pursuing a goal.

Dealing with Low Motivation Levels

However, leadership speakers tell us that in dealing with lower levels of motivation and reaching goals, persistence is often a skill that comes in handy from time to time. It allows you to keep pushing yourself to your limit and achieve more than you normally can. This means that as an individual you will be able to grow because of persistence.

Nothing Comes Easy

When you have something you want to achieve, you have to understand that it won’t come easy. In fact, nothing comes easy in this world. Once you realize this, you will be in a position to appreciate the work and effort you have to put in. Failure will come, but because you have failed once doesn’t mean you are now classified as a failure. Be a person who learns from their failures. Leadership speakers advise us to take them as lessons, learn from them and pick yourself from that point.

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