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Set Yourself Goals to Achieve

Set high standards for your goals

Set high standards for your goals

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Success is different for every person. We each have different expectations for how our life should end up, and we each have different skills that will help us get there.

However, regardless of our differences, we should all follow similar steps in life to bring us success.

1.)    Realize your passions.

For some, this might be the hardest part. Passion can be an elusive emotion when pitted against stress, insecurity or life restraints. Therefore, it’s extremely important to take the time to pay attention. If your life consists solely of what is required of you, then you most likely aren’t taking the proper amount of time and effort to learn who you are and what you want.

Knowing yourself is the first step, and like all relationships, it takes time and intention. For myself, journaling, meditation or conversations with friends helps me to decide what I’m passionate about. For you, it could be totally different. Try taking a drive by yourself, hiking or gardening. Quiet periods may give you the insight you need to find your passion.

2.)    Decide how you want to live those passions out.

This is also tough due to the sheer number of choices you have. For instance, if you’ve decided that you care about the environment, there are any number of career options to pursue. You could be a lobbyist, a nonprofit fundraiser or educator.

Here’s a secret though, you won’t know what you really like until you try it. After some research, decide how you’d like to live out your passion. Depending on what you’ve chosen, you may want to pursue an education. This could be as simple as reading a book or as complicated as getting a master’s degree.

3.)    Set small goals.

It’s not enough to say, I want to be a marine biologist! You must figure out the route that you should take to get there. You might get lucky and start on the ground floor of a company and work your way up the ladder, or you may have to go to school. This could take more research, but once you have some vision for your passion, you can do the fun part- Get started! Set goals and put yourself out there every day.

There is nothing wrong with setting the bar high for your goals as long as you are prepared to work hard and have the patience to reach them. If you break your main goal into smaller goals you will have the encouragement of experiencing success with every small goal you reach on the way to your main goal. As a motivational keynote speaker, this is my favorite part- helping you to form guidelines for reaching your goals effectively.

4.)    Believe it will happen.

This is probably the most important step, and it’s remarkably the one thing you have control over. If you’re passionate about something, you can no longer doubt your ability to get there. You MUST believe that it will happen. Write your goal down, verbalize it with someone who’s close to you, and look forward to the realization of your version of success.

Belief fuels your motivation and gives you the energy to keep going on the goals you’ve set. If you truly have faith in yourself, then you’ll automatically pursue what you need to pursue and your energy will connect to others who can help you get there.

These steps won’t create an instantaneous change, but they will set you on the path to live a passionate, dynamic life. You never know where you’ll end up but with the right intention, you’ll be pleased with the results.

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The Only One You Should Be Competing With Is Yourself

 Competing with others is a losing battle

Competing with others is a losing battle

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

There is nothing to gain by competing with others. You will constantly be fighting an uphill battle if you try to compete with others. You will be wasting your valuable time and resources.

When you compete with others you are actually trying to reach someone else’s goals. In doing so, you will probably also be competing in a field that you are not good at and you will always be at a disadvantage. You will be better off pursuing your own goals. Listen to a motivational keynote speaker for tips on finding your personal goals.

You should strive to be your best in along the way to achieving your goals and forget about what others are doing. Your only focus should be yourself and your loved ones.

The only one you should be competing with is yourself. If you always strive to do better you will be able to accomplish so much more and reach your goals much quicker. It will benefit you far more than trying to beat others.

You should be proud of what you have achieved. We all start from humble beginnings and are capable of achieving great things with the right attitude. All it takes is a clear life plan and hard work and patience to achieve your goal. A motivational keynote speaker can help you plan your strategy.

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Discovering The Right Career Path

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

The best career path for you is the one that you are the most passionate about!

The best career path for you is the one
that you are the most passionate about!

When trying to figure out exactly which line of work you should pursue and that would be right for you, there are a few things you need to bear in mind:

What is it that you always wanted to do?   When exploring career opportunities you need to figure out the kind of work that you actually enjoy doing. Is there a particular career you always dreamt of pursuing? Make a list of all the occupations that interest you irrespective of whether you actually are qualified enough for these posts or not. Even if it seems impossible to work under your favored choice of occupation, you can always work within the same department but at a less demanding post.

Keep a note of things that arouse you creatively and emotionally: Keep notice of any sort of work that sparks your imagination and captures your interest. One you have figured out the projects and professions that you are fascinated by; you can start working towards building a career in one of them. The best choice obviously would be the line of work that you admire and are the most passionate about.

Practice patience when in search for the right career path. Trying to discover the career that suits your needs and your desires justly can take some time. You might need to give different occupations a try before you find the one that gratifies you and that you enjoy the most.

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Leadership Speakers Speak on the Importance of Loyalty

Leadership speakers encourage employees to be loyal. Patience is a virtue that will yield more results through loyalty

Leadership speakers encourage employees to be loyal. Patience is a virtue that will yield more results through loyalty.


Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

There is no denying that, as leadership speakers say, loyalty is a key characteristic of any workforce. Even for the employees themselves, being loyal is one of the most important things that they can do in building their career. As a manager, when hiring, it is important to try to test this loyalty in the candidates. This allows you to save on the turnover that might occur in the case of not so loyal employees.

For those employees that stand out in an organization, there are going to be offers made to you by competitors. This happens everywhere and they often seem better than what you have at the moment. The limiting factor about this is that you will leave what you have built with your current company to start all over again. Sometimes you will be on the brink of promotion, but lack of patience might send you the other way. It is therefore important to be loyal

When you are looking to be promoted you need to grasp the concept that there is much more required of you than what is in your job description. This means that as an employee, you need to go the extra mile and be noticed in the company.

This is what leadership speakers mean when they talk of the importance of loyalty.

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