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Avoid Negativity in the Workplace

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

thinking-positiveStudies show that the least productive thing to do in the workplace is venting. The negativity doesn’t help you or those who have to listen to you. So rather than being the Negative Nancy in your office space, concentrate on being positive. When you’re overwhelmed take on the learner’s perspective to bring you out of your funk.

If you know someone who is negative in the workplace, try to avoid them as much as possible or your productivity will suffer. If you’re a manager, implementing workplace wellness programs can help reduce negativity in the workplace.

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid negative people at work and you have no choice but to effectively deal with them. In such cases, deal with the problem calmly and follow the proper workplace procedures for dealing with conflict and ensure that the matter is resolved amicably, and if necessary, face the situation head on with a kind resolve and encourage the negative coworker. Positivity is infectious, it just takes one person to start the trend.

Never let the negativity of others bring you down when you have to deal with them. Always try to respond with a positive attitude. You can never know what is motivating someone’s negativity so accept their perspective and smile. Be the person you want to work with and you’ll have a productive, positive day.

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Dealing With Negative People

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance

Negative people may be lurking anywhere. Don’t let them bring you down

Negative people may be lurking
anywhere. Don’t let them bring
you down

Some people, it seems, thrive on bringing others down. These people can be toxic to those around them. It may be that they’re simply going through a rough time, or it may be that they have a perpetual attitude problem that they haven’t taken time to repair.

When possible, you may try to be a positive influence on the negative people in your life, especially if they are close family members or long-time friends. If you can’t convince them to change their ways, it may do you some personal good to spend less time with them, if possible.

If someone at work is bringing you down, it may be hard to avoid them. In this case, you may try discussing the problem with the co-worker. If they do nothing to improve, and it is truly affecting your work, you may have to take it to a supervisor.

When you must deal with a negative person regularly, and nothing has worked to bring them around to a positive way of thinking, the best you can do is try not to let the negativity get to you. Don’t take their bitter ways bring you down. Keep in mind that you never know what’s going on in someone else’s life, and just keep doing your best despite them.

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