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Productivity in the Workplace and Why Managers Need to Be Self-Motivated

As a manager in times of low productiviy you gotta have the ability to see the bigger picture that might elude the rest.

As a manager, in times of low productivity you have to have the ability to see the bigger picture and help others to see it as well.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Personal Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

There can be stagnancy in a company where productivity in the workplace is not increasing. As a manager, it’s hard to motivate employees when you are not motivated yourself. A manager plays a vital part in the growth of a company. Here are a few points on how a manager can revive the work force.

Reconnect to your Passion

The manager can begin by finding the passion for the job that he or she once had. This can be done by reading motivational books and listening to motivational business speakers and keynote speakers. If there is money in the budget, you can take some of the key employees to a retreat where you brainstorm ideas on how to move the company forward. This way, the employees are more able to think of ideas that can increase productivity in the workplace in a more relaxed environment.

Create Relationships

The manager can also create good relationships with the employees. It’s about creating a balance between not being too friendly and not being too strict. The relationships have to be work related, but the employees need to feel happy and free around the manager. As managers, it’s important to create productivity in the workplace, and it can all begin with you.

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The Role of a Business Motivational Speaker in New Businesses

Launching your business is a very delicate stage and without the right advice like that of a motivational business speaker, things might go south.

Launching your business is a very delicate stage and without the right advice like that of a business motivational speaker, things might go south.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

Speakers Give New Businesses Insight

Business is not an easy field to venture into when you want to make money. A business motivational speaker is paramount to getting your business started and maintaining a steady growth. Some people may look at reading business motivational speaker materials or hearing their speeches as a waste of time and money. This article will discuss whether the effort is worth it.

Motivational Speakers Can be Mentors

It could be a waste of money because some people feel they have gained enough experience and have enough knowledge to have a successful business. However, there is no harm in gaining even more knowledge and learn from other people’s mistakes and failures. Then again, many people with successful businesses can testify that they had speakers as mentors. They spent time reading the speakers’ books, listening to their speeches and following their work. They are what they are today because of the impact the speakers had on their lives.

In conclusion, there is no harm in reading, listening to other peoples materials. It might be surprising what you can learn. Maybe by reading motivational materials, when you are successful you can also aspire to be a business motivational speaker yourself and teach and inspire someone else.

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A Motivational Keynote Speaker Reminds us to Criticize Less and Praise More

Don't criticize, teach.

Take some advice from a motivational keynote speaker and let your employees know that they are #1 in your book.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

Fact: 79% of top performers do not feel appreciated by their managers. It is quite a lot, don’t you think? The answer from a motivational keynote speaker is no longer blowing in the wind. According to Maslow, human beings don’t need only food, but also psychological rewards. We crave affection. They need to be and feel appreciated. How can a person see that he is appreciated? By being criticized? Certainly not.

Don’t Criticize

If the manager is dissatisfied with an employee’s work, he should avoid being overcritical. You can state one’s mistakes without criticizing him. An empathetic question such as, ”What went wrong?” can successfully replace the hardship of a sentence like “How could you make that mistake?” A motivational keynote speaker states that criticizing will definitely make your employee lose his courage and his self-esteem, and it will increase your blood pressure. So, if it is bad for everybody why use it?

Take the Time

A good employee feels demotivated when there is no positive feedback. In many cases, no feedback means bad feedback, so find some time and let your best men know they are the best and don’t patronize them by any means because quality employees are not willing to accept it. Treat them as your peers. After all, this is the truth. You should also motivate and challenge your top workers by assigning difficult work to them. A motivational keynote speaker reminds you that if you do not find a way of motivating your best employees, someone else will and you will have to motivate yourself to find new employees.

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Professional Speaker Advice: If You Want to Motivate Others, First Motivate Yourself

Motivate yourself first.

Before you can motivate others, make sure that you are motivated first.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

A professional speaker will tell you that a good thing to consider when trying to motivate others, you have to motivate yourself first. What does a good salesperson do when he has to sell something he would never buy? He’ll try to convince himself that the product is really worth buying. Only after doing so can he persuade other people to buy whatever he is selling.

What is a Good Motivator?

A good motivator will know how to increase the employees’ self-esteem, and will know how to encourage them and treat them well. A professional speaker states that a great motivator won’t have to do these things. A great motivator is self-motivated and, by being so, he inspires other people to follow his example without saying a thing.

One of the Team

It is not necessary for the motivator to be the boss. It can be an employee as well. In fact, it should be an employee. It should be every employee. A self-motivated person is more valuable than a motivated one. The self-motivated would need less feedback, because he is fully aware of his value.

A fully self-motivated individual will need less obvious appreciation because he knows how to value himself. Only self-motivated people can really motivate others as they have that power of persuasion given by the awareness of their own value. A great motivator is like the Sun: it gives away warmth to everybody. A good motivator can be successful with a smaller group, while a great one inspires many more people. Therefore, when it comes to motivating people, a professional speaker agrees that self-motivation should be the golden word.

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Don’t Miss These Vital Features of a Keynote Speaker

Hire the right keynote speaker for you seminar.

The ability of the keynote speaker to engage the audience is vital to imparting the message that will increase productivity.

You are the manager of a particular organization and things seemed to be working just fine until at some point your employees seem like they have nothing more to give. Have you tried hiring a keynote speaker? If not yet, then this could be the breakthrough of your career.

Often times, employee performance can be broken down to factors beyond their control. As a manager, giving them that extra motivation could be as easy as inviting a keynote speaker to have several sessions with them.

Getting the right person to pull the intelligence from your employees can be an easy affair, but first you should have knowledge on the important qualifications of a keynote speaker:

  1. As a motivator to the employees: It is vital that the keynote speaker you opt for be good at telling stories. Humor can be an added advantage as this makes it easy for them to connect with the employees.
  2. What kind of message is the speaker popular for? Will it help in influencing the employees of your organization?
  3. The speaker that you go for should also present him/herself with tools that will help them in tackling issues raised by the employees professionally. This goes a long way in winning the faith of the employees and also convincing them that they can play a major role in improving the workplace.
  4. A good lecturer should also appeal to the employees by the time he ends his talk. This helps in reviving self-motivation, and acts as a springboard in breathing a new life to the organization.

Want to motivate your employees? Try out a well-renowned keynote speaker and experience the results for yourself.

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