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Never Waste Your Time Trying to Impress Others | Leadership Advice

Gotta love The Breakfast Club

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well-being, and Peak Human Performance.

Each of us only has so much energy and time in a day, and for most of us, wasting this energy and time is the last thing that we want to do.

As a speaker who works to make others more energized and productive, I want to express that it’s a huge waste of time and resources to impress others. Instead of caring what other people think, we should reflect on each day we have and make every day better than the one before.

You should prioritize and remember what’s really important to you in your life so that you can be happy with yourself. No one really cares what kind of car you drive or how big your house is and if they do, they don’t matter.

If you choose friends based on their bank account and assets, you’re likely missing out on getting to know many quality people. Appreciate your accomplishments, love the good people in your life, do as much as you can with what you have and be kind to everyone you meet. If you make every day about this rather than what other’s think, you will find peace and success.

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Why You Should Not Use Monetary Incentives to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Sometimes, in the end, using money as an incentive can negatively impact productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

Sometimes using money as an incentive to increase productivity in the workplace can give you quick results that may appear effective at first, but in the end can demotivate further. Money gives short-term benefits to the organization and the employees, as well.

Increased Costs

It is quite obvious that when you tend to give out benefits you will in turn, incur major costs, depending on the spending. These will cut into the business profits and as a profit-making organization, this might not be one of the best ways to motivate your employees. When the motivation levels reach their peak, the monetary incentives become a ongoing expense.


Trying to increase the productivity in the workplace can often be something that will take time to plan and then execute. Sometimes trying to involve money may require you to raise the money and so on. This means that there is going to be a lot of logistics in preparing a package that suits each employee.

Lastly, the benefit derived from money is short term. For example, give an employee an incentive this month, next month they will expect another one. This means you have to be prepared to face such issues when you decide to use money as a motivator to increase productivity in the workplace.

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Monetary Incentives: The Center of Productivity in the Workplace

Money can be a strong motivator in increasing productivity in the workplace. It’s something we all need to live.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

Regular Salary Increase

One way of increasing productivity in the workplace is to increase the amount of money that employees are getting. This could be done every six months or so, depending on their performance. Even though it can cost the company a lot of money, it will pay off in the long run.

The Benefits

With an increase in salary, employees will are more likely to look for extra jobs. This means that they can solely concentrate on working for your company. They will not have the extra pressure of looking for other jobs to make ends meet.

The increase in salary will really make employees happy and that can have an impact on the level of work they do. This can increase productivity in the workplace and the amount of money that flows into the company.

Another reason to increase salaries is that employees will feel like their efforts are being recognized and will become more self-motivated. They will feel like they belong to the company and will work hard to make the company grow.

Then again, increasing salaries can be costly. When deciding on how much to increase, it is wise to see whether the company can afford to do so without running at a loss. Overall, money can motivate people to work hard and increase productivity in the workplace.

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Professional Speaker’s Reality Check: Money is Not Everything

Greedy for Money

Andy Core guides you to understanding that money should never be what your life is all about.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

Andy Core, a reputable professional speaker, would like you to contemplate on your approach towards money. Money is an integral part on our daily living. We need it for almost everything that we do, whether to buy a piece of cake or purchase that wonderful dress you have been dreaming wanting. But even though the “urge” to acquire more money is high, please do not forget that it should never be your everything.

Unfortunately, it is acceptable that people get be obsessed by the thirst for money, especially during abundance. With all products’ prices rising, having money will surely help you to get through tough times. There is nothing wrong in having the urge to earn. Just make sure that you balance everything so that you will not evolve into someone you don’t want to be – greedy.

There are many things better than all the dollars you earn and these things are what money can’t buy. You have to understand that money is a great servant, but a bad master, according to a renowned professional speaker. You should learn to control yourself on keeping your head up with concerns toward your money. You surely do not want to loose other important things because you have focused solely on earning money.

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