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Live Honestly, Live Better | Practical Weekly Advice by Andy Core

If there was one piece of advice I could give everyone it would be to live honestly.

This concept works on multiple levels.

The first is in regards to yourself. 

Self improvement takes honest reflection. You won’t make significant progress if you gloss over your problems or if you are overly critical. Learn to see yourself in a positive, humble light, and growth will occur.

This requires you to frequently take stock of your behavior, your life and your emotions. Don’t judge yourself too harshly, but do learn to prune your thought patterns and behavior actively. To do this, incorporate journaling, meditation, long walks and yoga into your daily habits. This will give you time to mull over your thoughts and behaviors and then therefore make better choices in the future.

The second is in regards to others.

Taking this a step further, be yourself. Don’t try to conform to how you think other people want to see you. The more genuine you are, the more likely you’ll be to find others who accept you for you. This is obviously a tough thing to accomplish, but once you realize that everyone else is looking for the same acceptance you’re searching for, you’ll realize that we’re all on the same level. Those who judge are insecure and need love. Those who don’t judge will accept and nurture you into the person you should be. Seek these people out and try to be one of them. This freedom will decrease the self-concious pressure we all feel, therefore making you a happier person.

The third is in regards to society in general. 

Dishonestly will make you have anxiety and shame, both of which are poisonous emotions to deal with. Dishonesty will also make others dislike you and feel hurt or offended. Therefore, to be the best member of your community, act in such a way that values yourself and your relationship with others. Refuse to lie. I’m not suggesting that you behave with no filter and say whatever you want to say. Few people actually like Howard Stern. What I am suggesting is to live with a sense of integrity that takes responsibility for your actions and words.

The fourth is in regards to the world at large. 

This might be a stretch for some, but once you’ve accepted yourself and found a community of people who accept you, the next logical step is to incorporate a conscious behavior regarding nature. This means that other creatures, both plant and animal, deserve the same respect you give to yourself and your community. This might be as simple as reducing, reusing and recycling, or it might be as active as joining a group of people who are calling for the protection of the environment. Get involved with ways of thinking that call you to a better lifestyle, and make others do the same.

If you learn to live honestly on all of these levels, you’ll have found a real sense of peace and purpose. Your conscious, free behavior will prevent guilt and anxiety from controlling your perspective, and your humble sense of self will allow others to be who they are, thus providing room for not understanding their behavior, yet accepting them anyways.

I’m not the first to come up with this perspective. Many religions uphold the same goal. Be it the golden rule, the Noble Eightfold Path or the way of Tao. All of these teach how to live honestly within your community in such a way that encourages you to find peace and happiness. No matter your religion, these sources can help you find your own truth, live honestly and become your best, happiest self.


Tips To Prevent A Burnout

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

You can prevent a burnout but making some simple lifestyle changes!

You can prevent a burnout but making
some simple lifestyle changes!

To avoid going through a burnout phase especially when you sense that you are about to hit that very spot; you need to act on it immediately rather than putting it off. The following are a few tips on how to avoid a burnout.

Commence your day with meditation. In the morning, instead of heading straight to work, give yourself at least 10 to 20 minutes to meditate. Early morning meditation will boost your concentration and energy levels and hence you’ll find yourself to be more productive at work.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eat only natural and healthy foods with the occasional cheat treats. Also, get in the habit of working out daily for at least 20 minutes and try sleeping at the same time every day as this would be best for your body. Adapting to these changes will help reduce stress levels and this will enable you to deal with your work situation more adeptly.

Don’t grant free favors at work.  If your co-workers or superiors ask you to do something that is not part of your job description, instead of just doing what they want, make sure you get something in return. If they refuse to compensate you for your time, then simply say no. Overwhelming yourself with free favors will only cause you to burnout in the end.

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Tips On How To Integrate Relaxation Techniques Into Your Daily Life

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.


Aim to meditate first thing in the morning!

Aim to meditate first thing in the morning!

Listed below are a few tips through which you utilize in order to incorporate relaxation techniques into your daily life.

Create a schedule and appoint some time for practice each day.

Set a specific time each day just to practice your relaxation program. It might be best to if you practice your program first thing in the morning as there won’t be any personal or professional life related engagements or duties that will get in the way of your planned session.

You can practice meditation while you’re busy doing other things.

You can always try out different kinds of relaxation techniques while you are at work or watching TV, doing housework etc. Even walking helps to alleviate stress and calm the nerves, so just take a little stroll around the office, house or the park whenever you can.

Avoid practicing meditation when you’re groggy or drowsy.

At times meditation techniques can make you so relaxed that you might end up wanting to sleep and if you are doing it at your office, it might get you into trouble.  So if you are already feeling a bit drowsy before even doing your daily meditation. But if you are rested well and do it in the morning, it won’t have the same effect on you rather it will help you to focus better and make you more alert.

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A Few Pointers On Meditation!

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Opt for a quite place to practice your mediation!

Opt for a quite place to practice your mediation!

A few things you should know about mediation:

Choose a secluded environment.

Opt for a place that is quiet. Whether you choose to meditate at home, at your office or at a public park just look for a place where you won’t be interrupted or disturbed by others constantly. The whole point of meditation would be undermined if you can’t manage to enjoy that moment of silence and peace that will help to domesticate those unruly feelings of stress and anxiety.

Make sure you are practicing meditation in a comfortable position.

Choose a position in which you feel the most comfortable, though avoid laying down as you might fall asleep. The best position is to sit up straight where your spine is aligned vertically to the floor. While meditating it is imperative that you maintain a good posture as otherwise it can lead to injuries.

Don’t worry about how well you do during your mediation sessions

Stop focusing on how well you are doing or quit worrying about all the random thoughts that keep crossing your mind during meditation. Don’t try suppressing these thoughts but rather just try reverting back your attention to the point or thing that helps you to relax. Channeling your way through the thoughts will help you to learn how to silence random thoughts in your everyday life as well.

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A Few Tips To Overcome Binge Eating

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

 To control the binging learn to manage your stress through healthier means!

To control the binging learn to manage
your stress through healthier means!

Listed below are a few ways to manage your binge eating habits.

Learn to manage your stress through more effective means.

The culprit behind binge eating usually is excessive stress- stress related to personal life, stress form professional life, stress of being overweight etc. In order to control the binging you need to find healthier ways to handle stress instead of just gorging on heaps of food. A few things you can try out include meditation, exercise or any other therapies that will help you to relax.

Aim to eat healthy, filling, nutritious meals.

Make it a habit to eat healthy foods that are loaded with fiber, protein, good fats and carbs. This will ensure that your hunger hormones stay at bay which as a result will keep you from binging. Do not skip your meals, especially breakfast. Going hungry for long hours will only exacerbate your binging disorder. If you need to snack, help yourself to healthy treats such as fruits, nuts, whole-grain cookies made with honey, oven baked chips etc.

Get rid of the junk food lying in your cupboards.

If there is any junk food lying around the house, it will only tempt you and you probably won’t be able to control the urge to chuck it all down. So get rid of all the unhealthy, processed foods and replace them with healthier versions of those foods such as you could substitute milk chocolate with dark chocolate, flour based cupcakes for wholegrain , sugar free cupcakes and so on

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