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Welcome – Lets Get This Party Started!

Glad you are here! This blog has a very specific two step.

Step One: I provide ideas, tools, questions, and how tos designed to help you:

  • Increase your motivation to live healthier
  • Be able to “do more with less” at work and still have a life
  • Decrease the stress you feel and absorb
  • Significantly increase the overall fun factor in your life

Step Two: You hit the “comment” link below and add to it, challenge it, affirm it, or write whatever you honestly feel about what I or your fellow “commentors” wrote.

The first post is coming VERY soon!

Andy Core, M.S. – Lifestyle Realist
Official website – http://www.andycore.com
e – andy@andycore.com
o – 800.605.8480 toll free


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