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A Leadership Speaker’s Advice: Your Material Wealth is not that Important

Real friendship can’t be based on money

Real friendship can’t be based on money

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

When I was a young college student, I had this friend with a lot of money that would buy our group all sorts of things. From name-brand clothes to limo rides and free dinners, to hotel rooms and champagne, this guy provided some velvet rope experiences. After a little over a semester, he ran out of money and disappeared.

Even though we never expected this sort of treatment, this guy couldn’t face us without a pocket full of money, and as sad as that is, many people are like him. They put their worth in what they own and how impressive they appear. In reality though, even though my group of friends and I had fun with our random, rich friend. We didn’t have much to say to him because he didn’t much to add. He was a boring person who hadn’t even begun to be genuine enough to appreciate. All he had invested in was surface level with no substance.

Trying to impress other people is generally a waste of your valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere. Your focus should be on the basics such as providing food and accommodation and most importantly on maintaining relationships with the ones you love and who love and care for you. You should also work to develop your passions and interests. If you aren’t your own best friend, then there is a problem. Like yourself- your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, without needing any bells and whistles. Your wealth lies in who you are not what you have.

 You need to look at your life and discover what is most important to you because that is where you will find your true inner happiness. The only people who will judge you on the type of car you drive or the size of your house are shallow, materialistic people who will never be your true friends.

Many leadership speakers have emphasized the point that your personal achievements can be a great boost for your self esteem. However, if you only value people because of the material wealth they have amassed, you will miss out on meeting many interesting people who may enrich your life in many ways. Don’t be quick to judge others based on appearance because we can all be victims of fate and face personal hardship at some time in our lives. Everyone is on their own path, your job is to make sure that you’re the best version within your own.

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Leadership Speakers: Five Ways to Become a Better Public Speaker

Leadership speakers advise leaving your audience wanting more

Leadership speakers advise leaving your audience wanting more.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

Leadership speakers remind us that public speaking is a fundamental part of many jobs. Whether you need to engage your employees, persuade a committee to fund you, to sell your product or to educate, the fundamental things that make you a good public speaker will be the same.

1. Believe in Yourself

Self-belief will make you more confident and therefore people will be more willing listen to and trust what you say. After all, the first step to getting others to believe in you is to believe in yourself.

2. Do your Research

Make sure you know your topic inside out. Yes, it may be time-consuming and hard work initially, but “winging it” is not an option. If you are unprepared, you are far more likely to stumble or lose your place and consequently your confidence and authority – best to avoid!

3. Inject Some Humor!

Everybody likes to laugh and this will relax and settle both you and your audience. However, be warned, too many jokes may take away some of the validity of your talk – use in moderation! Leadership speakers remind you not to mistake yourself for a stand-up comedian.

4. Accept that Everybody Makes Mistakes

It’s true. We’re all only human and that’s okay. Chances are, your audience won’t even notice if it’s just a slight change of word or phrase. However, if you feel it was a very obvious or important mistake, acknowledge it, correct yourself and move on.

5. Keep it Short and Sweet!

Leadership speakers tell you that it is much better to leave your audience wanting more rather than send them to sleep!

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Leadership Speakers Eat Their Way to Happiness

Leadership speakers always make room for a healthy diet when it comes to their wellbeing.

When it comes to their well being, leadership speakers always make room for a healthy diet.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Being leadership speakers takes up a lot of time, but one thing they all make time for is eating well. Expert Andy Core discusses why it’s so important to eat well when it comes to your well being.

  1. The right foods give you the right energy. Eat pizza for breakfast everyday for a month and see how fast you feel sluggish every day. Replace that pie with more nutrition and watch your energy levels zoom.
  2. It’s less expensive to pack a lunch. If you spend $10 on lunch everyday for a month, that’s a year’s gym membership right there. Do it everyday for a year and it becomes a vacation.
  3. Cut back on the alcohol. There’s nothing wrong with a glass of wine here and there, but leadership speakers know waking up hung over more often than not can start to get in the way of your long-term well being.
  4. Exercise regularly. You don’t have to buy the fanciest equipment or dedicate yourself to a marathon a week, but getting yourself moving a little bit each day will go miles in terms of how you feel.

It doesn’t take a huge amount to increase your wellbeing, and leadership speakers will tell you that it’s something they always make time for.

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Leadership Speakers Put Together the Pieces of Increased Workplace Productivity

Leadership speakers help to put together the pieces for increased productivity

Leadership speakers help to put together the necessary pieces for creating increased productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

Businesses must be productive. No matter what size or type the business is, there are a number of key concepts that are discussed by leadership speakers that can enhance the productivity of a work force.

Having a clear vision of where your company is heading and having an eye for new opportunities will encourage higher productivity from your employees.

Workplace Culture

By encouraging good working relationships amongst staff and taking advantage of people’s insights and experience helps to enhance motivation. An increase in motivation in turn will result in higher productivity.

Network and Collaborate

Again, interpersonal relationships are important for motivation, leadership speakers note that they can also inject new ideas into a business and spread out the workload, resulting in increased productivity.

Invest in People

Properly trained staff that is prepared for their role will be much more motivated. In addition, they will be capable of completing work at a faster rate and with less supervision, all resulting in increased productivity.

Be Organized

Giving the workplace a structure that allows it to grow and adapt as the business progresses. If staff can see a clear direction in the business, they will be more motivated and therefore more productive.

Assess the Value of Investments

Leadership speakers also recommend that assessing where investments will make the most impact on productivity is key to maximizing the performance of a company.

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Leadership Speakers Identify Things to Avoid in the Workplace

Leadership speakers often emphasize the need to be early to work in order to appear responsible to your superiors.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

Being Late

A leadership speaker will tell you that there is nothing that can make you appear to be a disorganized individual as being late to work. Often because of this, people will make conclusions about you such as that you are careless, self-centered and other negative traits. Management will most likely find you an unreliable individual to work with. On the flip side, when you develop a culture of respecting time, you will be portrayed as a responsible employee who can be counted on. It shows that as a person, you can manage yourself accordingly.

Poor Etiquette

Know what to do and do it at the right time. Sometimes doing the right thing at the wrong time is simply wrong. Some people give hugs instead of a simple handshake, or getting bored in a meeting and checking your phone and other behaviors that could be deemed inappropriate. This lack of etiquette will make it seem like you were never taught good manners and how to behave. It becomes a self-mockery of who you are and where you come from.

However, following etiquette is a simple thing that takes little effort to achieve. Etiquette doesn’t mean being overly formal. It’s more about being polite and showing respect, and often puts the interests of others before you. Leadership speakers suggest that if you do this often, the people that enjoy being around you will improve, as well.

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