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Professional Speaker Insists Leaders Work with their Employees

A professional speaker says that keeping your distance doesn't pay off. It's actually better for productivity to be a little more personal.

A professional speaker says that keeping your distance doesn’t pay off. It’s actually better for productivity to be a little more personal.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

A professional speaker insists that leaders work with their employees to increase employee engagement. Employees don’t want to feel like drones, so let them feel like they’re actually making a difference with their work in your organization. When the one calling the shots – the employer – works directly with them, there’s a boost in interest and a boost in productivity. After all, employees are humans and not mere tools; there must be a clear connection with their higher-ups.

Call for Meetings

Talk with your employees about projects and keep them informed; let them know that it’s important for them to be updated. Have them share their ideas and hear them out, listen to their concerns and questions. Letting them know that their voice matters is good for their self-esteem and good for productivity. As a professional speaker says, an effective meeting is a good start to creating productivity in the workplace.

Check Up On Them in the Workplace

It’s not about snooping around – it’s a gesture to show that their productivity is essential to running the organization. From a logical perspective, why inspect something unimportant? However, there is a difference between being a watchful eye and a vulture. Be around, but give a little breathing space.

Offer Your Help

They most likely won’t need it, but it gives them the idea that you’re around and willing to pitch in. Opening doors for connections helps to establish a solid working relationship.

Distance between boss and employee does not promote a solid working foundation – you won’t work well together. If you can’t work well together, you sacrifice productivity. From the idea of the professional speaker, engage your employees in their work by engaging yourself in it.

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Secure Productivity in the Workplace with Two Leadership Traits

A strong leader can secure productivity in the workplace with two traits. It is not just the employees that have to work hard, but also their employer.

Productivity in the workplace is non-existent without a strong leader in command. Employees – subordinates – must be kept in line at all times and only a leader with the right attitude can achieve this objective. Despite this, the workplace is not a barrack and the employees are not soldiers. The leader of a workplace is not the general of an army or the tyrant of a nation, but a role model and a guiding hand. There must be a balance between punishment and praise, for if you treat the employees too harshly, they will hate you and lose the motivation to work. Treat them too soft and they will become prideful and lazy. These are two traits a great leader should have:

Trustworthy: It is not possible to get 100% from the people working under you if they don’t trust you. How motivated will they be if they believe that the person commanding them doesn’t know what he’s doing? Work hard, put effort into your job, do twice their workload; show them who’s boss. When they get the picture that you deserve your position, there shouldn’t be anyone left talking behind your back.

Fair: Hail success, punish failure, but only up to their worth. Whether it is the workplace or high school, picking favorites never led to anything good. Rejecting because of a bias is the same thing. Word spreads around fast and awarding employees disproportionate to what they achieved or punishing employees in excess of their shortcoming will get to every ear. Motivation amongst the employees then becomes unbalanced and teamwork crumbles. Of course, without teamwork, there is no productivity in the workplace.

A great workplace is only as great as its leader. Even with power in your hands, it is not to be abused. A strong leader secures productivity in the workplace by working as hard as he wants his employees to.

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The True Definition Of Business Leaders As Explained By Leadership Speakers

It is always important for managers to go that extra mile in motivating their employees.

Business leaders stress how important it is for managers to go that extra mile in motivating their employees.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

If you cannot distinguish the difference between a leader and a boss, then you probably have never attended a seminar hosted by leadership speakers. Agreed upon by most of these speakers, anyone can be given the responsibilities of a boss, but not just anyone can be a leader. This is because leadership is more about abilities that bring up responsibility, rather than vice versa. This sounds confusing, doesn’t it?

To break it down further, a particular study was conducted that encompassed all possible business fields and this aimed at studying business leadership and the results were outstanding. The full impact of the study can only be felt properly by inviting one of the renowned leadership speakers to your organization.

The core of leadership seminars is stressing the importance of unifying the workforce as a leader, in order to obtain better results. There is so much that a leader can do for his staff, including refreshing their skills, as well as revitalizing their self-esteem for better engagement at the work place and increased productivity.

There are four practical steps that most leadership seminars advise that a manager can do to become an effective leader for their organization. All these are real life skills that help to improve the nature of interactions that employees and managers have at ordinary levels.

Self-evaluation and imparting oneself with relevant skills are some of the top factors that most leadership speakers stress for a productive organization with perfect balance.

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Attitudes Leaders Must Possess for Productivity in the Workplace

Good Leader Qualities

In order to become a good leader that drives employees towards increased productivity in workplace, he must possess these characteristics.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

A good leader is required to drive employees toward success. If you want to drive your employees to increased productivity in the workplace, you have to make sure that you possess these three attitudes. The employees look up to you and if you don’t have these three attitudes, how will you be able to inspire them?


Being a leader, you have to make sure that you are passionate about the work you have chosen. When you have the passion, then securing maximized productivity in the workplace is easy. It also drives you to doing better to exceed the expectations people place on you.


A good leader values his subordinates. This is to ensure that they will be able to work harmoniously. Isn’t it great when you value the people working for/with you? Things will be executed well if the office atmosphere is light and friendly.

Inspire Respect

Being a leader, you have to make sure that you are being followed by your employees and that you stand on what you think is correct and beneficial to the company. Therefore, in spite of the harmonious relationships you are ensuring between your employees, you also need to ensure that you are well respected and that you are still labeled as a “leader” whom they need to follow. You are there to guide and support them so you should not be taken for granted.

If you really want to become a good leader who drives employees to increased productivity in workplace, you have to make sure that you have these characteristics.

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Leadership Speaker’s Assistance to Becoming a Calm Leader

Keep a cool head when problems arise.

Being calm, no matter how severe things are, is essential in order for you to be an effective leader.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Andy Core, one of the renowned leadership speakers, offers assistance to leaders who would like to be effective without being too harsh at their workplace.

Being a leader, you are obliged to guide your subordinates about how they should work on the tasks placed on their shoulders. These tasks should be delivered well as poor work could lead to losses by the company all of you are working for. As a leader, it is your sole duty to ensure that your team provides the best quality possible, as failure to do so will directly hit your capabilities as a “leader.” At some point, you will find a lot of errors and irregularities. These will definitely make you feel furious. So, in case you have encountered such, how should you react?

Being calm may do the trick. Call your subordinate’s attention and let him know what you think about his work. Guide him on how to deliver better results. At first, it may be hard, but it will help him become a better employee.

When should you be angry? That’s if your directions are not being followed. Some people think that they are better and that they can work on their own without following other people’s guidance. With that, the quality of the work will remain at risk. Let that certain person realize your position, but not in a way that you will be belittling his personality and capability. Just a light tap will remind him that he needs to follow instructions the way they were laid out.

Let one of the reputable leadership speakers, Andy Core, guide you on how to properly “lead” your team. Learn more about his programs by contacting us today. Contact Us Now!


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