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Leadership Speakers Explain How to Introduce Yourself Before an Interview

Leadership speakers are often masters in presenting themselves. Learn from them and introduce yourself well.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

First Impressions

First impressions always count. They have a major role in how the employer will view you as a candidate. What you say in the first moment will often say a lot about you and give the employer a hint about whether or not to hire you.

Most managers actually make the decision to hire someone judging by the first impressions they get by talking in the first few moments. Sometimes it’s all on what the candidate did or didn’t do when they met. Because of this, leadership speakers say that it is very important to observe interview manners and to tread carefully through how you introduce yourself during the interview.

Upon Arriving

When you get to the interview, make sure you introduce yourself to the receptionist. Simply give your name and the reason you are there. It is essential that you know the name of the interviewer. It will help the receptionist check your appointment faster.

If, by chance, the hiring manager comes out to meet you, take the initiative and introduce yourself with a smile and this time, make sure you mention how much you appreciate meeting them or the opportunity to be interviewed.

Leadership speaker Andy Core says that first impressions may determine whether you will get the job or not.

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A Keynote Speaker Deserves a Good Introduction

Introducing a keynote speaker is very important. It can raise expectations that can make it easier for the speaker to start on a positive note.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

At a place where a keynote speaker is needed, for example a graduation or a meeting, it is essential to introduce them properly. That person is there to encourage and give words of wisdom to the audience. If the introduction is not well executed, this can bore the audience and make the job of the speaker much harder.

Get the Background Information

The master of ceremonies needs to say something about the background of the speaker. This can be done through research or briefly interviewing the speaker before the event. Make sure the information is accurate and the speaker is happy with it before it is broadcast. Also, make sure that it is interesting and it entices the audience. For example, it could be information about his or her special achievements and noteworthy accomplishments as a keynote speaker.

Practice Makes Perfect

The person who is to introduce the speaker needs to make sure he or she practices the introduction. This can be done by reciting it in front of other people. Getting other peoples’ advice on the delivery can help improve it and make it more interesting to listening to hear. The audience can always tell whether time and practice has been put into an introduction.

Overall, the introduction of the keynote speaker is very important and work needs to be put into it to make the entire event successful.

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