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You Can Overcome Any Obstacle

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

the one you feedI motivate businesses and individuals for a living, and like everyone else, I too can grow weary from the demands of life.

Everyday you face difficulties that will discourage you. From normal stress to actual tragedies, life can be hard to handle. The secret to overcoming these obstacles is based on perspective. If you focus on what’s wrong rather than what is good in your life, you’ll fail to overcome your challenges.

Sometimes you must simply take a break and put things into perspective. Right now, some of you may feel ready to give up, but if you can change your attitude, you will see that things aren’t as hopeless as they seem.No matter how bad things might seem, if you persevere with a positive perspective you will find that things eventually change and you develop a happier lifestyle.

As a motivational speaker, my advice is to live a life of gratitude. This means consciously being thankful everyday. I’m not being trite- research actually shows that verbalizing what you’re thankful for, making a list, or even capturing the moment through photography, will help to transform your long term perspective .

I once was challenged to say something I was grateful for every time I turned on the faucet. When I started this, it felt almost comical, but as I continued with the challenge, it started to become habit and my life, by default, improved.

When you start this activity, you may not feel the immediate change, but just like dieting, if you continue to be thankful on a daily, or even hourly basis, you’ll start to feel better. You’re literally putting your perspective through a workout.

There are going to be harsh times as you progress through life, but also know that they won’t last. When you make it through and obstacle that is difficult, you will appreciate the good times and the achievements you worked hard for so much more.

What activities can you do that bring you joy? Dancing in the mirror, playing with your pet, singing out loud to a fun song? All of these are way to build up your positive perspective. Your attitude needs to be fed just like your body. Make sure what you’re putting into it is healthy and helpful.

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Put Your Thoughts into Action

Thoughts only have impact when put into action

Thoughts only have impact when put into action

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Your actions, not your thoughts, impact others. Good intentions mean nothing without action.

Especially in the social media realm, many people proclaim their opinions without needing to support what they say. We all have the power to say whatever we want with the tap of our thumbs, but the key to helping people and solving problems isn’t saying something that sounds good. Instead we should be intentional with personal relationships, listen and help when they’re ready for it.

Believe me, as a motivational speaker, listening and waiting is often really hard. Sometimes I’d love to change a person’s behavior if I could. But my job is to inspire change, not force it. I give others the tools to help themselves, and when I get to see the transformation, it’s incredibly encouraging.

The key to helping others is to be sincere and helpful. I really care about helping people becoming the best version of themselves. I’m by no means perfect, but I have a passion for coaching others that translates to action, and I believe in the words I say. I’ve seen people’s lives changed after they’ve applied my advice and it feels great to be a part of genuine change based on actions rather than just words.

Anyone can resolve to do something, but until they believe they can, set up goals to change their day and actually get started doing them, words mean nothing. Saying you’re going to quit smoking or exercise doesn’t make you change. Believing that you can change and planning how you will followed by taking the first step does.

The hardest part is getting started. The rest is just overcoming inertia.
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The Lovable Thing About a Business Motivational Speaker

One thing you can be guaranteed from a motivational speaker is inspiration and enthusiasm

One thing you can be guaranteed from a business motivational speaker is inspiration and enthusiasm.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

Motivation Behind a Motivational Speaker

Any business motivational speaker by definition and practice is a catalyst in anyone’s life and helps to ignite that desire to achieve something in their life. This means that a keynote speaker is more like a 6:00 am alarm that wakes us up to act and move towards our destiny. Destiny, goals in life and so on are aspects of our lives that can be defined only by ourselves and the extent to which we achieve them is determined by the level of desire that we have as individuals to achieve.

The Passion to Be

As humans, we tend to want to be someone or become something in life and in most cases, we just dream of being someone or something. One of the lovable things about business motivational speaker Andy Core is that he challenges you to wake up and do something about your dreams. It’s a call to stop dreaming and start working towards living the dream. A passion for a dream or a passion to be someone can never be underestimated and it is stimulated by higher levels of motivation. There are many testimonies around the world of how much speakers have opened the eyes of many people and helped people reach their dreams.

A business motivational speaker can ignite this passion in anyone.

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How to Go About Increasing Productivity in the Workplace

Good management can inspire employees to be self-motivated and strive to always do their best.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

From the time of Karl Marx and the beginning of organized production in factories, productivity in the workplace has been a key issue for owners and managers. Though the “alienation” of production lines in heavy machinery factories may be coming to an end, all enterprises are still concerned about their employees’ productivity. Productivity is even a problem in the increasing amount of work that is being done from the home.

Financial Rewards

It is hardly necessary to say that a listless, uninterested workforce is an unproductive one. So how does a manager make the changes required for his employees to work together, work harder, and participate in the enterprise? There are two approaches to improving productivity in the workplace; one is external, making use of financial rewards and the other concentrates on the inner motivation of the employee. Inner motivation states that money is not enough, and good management is of the essence where productivity is concerned. People must feel a sense of responsibility, “ownership,” and must be aware of the overall goals of the enterprise, and feel that they are part of a “team” working with others towards reaching those goals.

Productivity in the workplace is the key to achieving the set organizational goals.

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