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Can Anger be Detrimental for Your Health?

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance

Anger can be extremely detrimental for your health

Anger can be extremely detrimental
for your health

We all have those moments when we completely lose control of our emotions and turn into a angry fire ball. Nevertheless we need to learn to control our anger in a responsible way as otherwise it can prove to be quite destructive. Not only does uncontrolled anger have the propensity to harm your well-being but it also is capable of affecting your personal relationships.

Anatomically speaking, anger causes stress hormones and chemicals to be released in the body and as a consequence, these changes can strain our bodies in various ways. A few of the health problems that are caused by anger include Insomnia, Post-Depression, Headaches, Anxiety, cardiovascular problems, digestion issues, High Blood Pressure etc.

Anger will force your body to produce excessive cortisol which as a result will not only make you gain weight but can lead to further problems such as osteoporosis. Additionally, if you are an individual who tends to get angry often, the hormonal imbalances caused due to anger will also affect your skin in a negative way.

While it isn’t easy to control your anger, at times just taking some time and space for yourself can help you to calm down and deal with your issues in a better way,

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