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How to Go About Increasing Productivity in the Workplace

Good management can inspire employees to be self-motivated and strive to always do their best.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

From the time of Karl Marx and the beginning of organized production in factories, productivity in the workplace has been a key issue for owners and managers. Though the “alienation” of production lines in heavy machinery factories may be coming to an end, all enterprises are still concerned about their employees’ productivity. Productivity is even a problem in the increasing amount of work that is being done from the home.

Financial Rewards

It is hardly necessary to say that a listless, uninterested workforce is an unproductive one. So how does a manager make the changes required for his employees to work together, work harder, and participate in the enterprise? There are two approaches to improving productivity in the workplace; one is external, making use of financial rewards and the other concentrates on the inner motivation of the employee. Inner motivation states that money is not enough, and good management is of the essence where productivity is concerned. People must feel a sense of responsibility, “ownership,” and must be aware of the overall goals of the enterprise, and feel that they are part of a “team” working with others towards reaching those goals.

Productivity in the workplace is the key to achieving the set organizational goals.

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