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Act with Intention Now and Become Your Best Self in the Future.

Be Present Every DayAndy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Life is not about what you intend to do in the future, but what you’re doing now. Today. In this moment. All your plans for the future are built on this, and like leadership speakers, no matter what your intentions are, if you don’t act on them, they mean nothing.

No one knows what you are thinking about. Even if you say that you’re hoping to do something nice, it won’t mean a lot if you don’t act on the ideas. You may also lose trust from other people if you have a tendency of saying that you’ll do something and in reality you don’t.

People will never remember the words but will always remember how you made them feel. If you let them down, they will never forget the disappointment that you caused on them. This will make you be seen as unreliable.

You should be whom you want to be, and follow through with your good intentions. You’ll always be remembered as the person who was always available for a friend, or the hard worker people could count on at work. It’s far much better to do a favorable action than having thoughts of doing reliable things.


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Listen to Your Employees for Improved Productivity in the Workplace

Set up a suggestion box to hear what ideas your employees have for improving productivity in the workplace

Crowd source ideas with your employees to see what suggestions they have for improving productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Manpower is the key factor of productivity in the workplace. You need your staff to be at their best to attain peak efficiency. To help with making your employees strive while they are at their workplace, you need to have good harmony with your workers. Listen to what your staff has to say and try to cater to what they think would help make their jobs easier, and the best way to do that is to be open to their ideas.

Give your employees questionnaires every once in a while so that you can find out just how comfortable they are in working for your company. Ask if there’s anything they think the company can do to improve the work flow, efficiency or productivity in the workplace. Ask them if they think there is anything wrong or unnecessary that the organization can fix. Better yet, set up a suggestion box so that your employees can just throw in their ideas whenever a light bulb turns on in their minds.

You never know, some of their ideas can be really good, no matter how out of the box it is. Encouraging them to voice their opinions – and more importantly, following up on the good ones – also builds company loyalty that makes the employee feel that the company feels that they are valuable to the organization. This will always result in improved productivity in the workplace – for those that sent ideas and even for those who are benefiting from the ideas.

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The Business Motivational Speaker Five Laws of Productivity

Five laws of productivity

Using the five methods set down by the business motivational speaker group, you are bound to have a successful new product launch.

Business motivational speakers say that companies around the world are striving to ensure that they increase the productivity of their firms. Most of these companies have little idea about what steps they can take to achieve this successfully. Here are some laws of productivity that if adhered to can increase their productivity.

Break the Seal of Hesitation

Most managers are often hesitant to try new ventures or try out new ideas for the company. This is often because of the risks associated with new ventures. Business motivational speakers want to point out that managers need to realize that a business cannot succeed without taking risks, and big risks often result in big returns.

Start Small

When you have an idea in your mind, you should try to think small. If you think big and this is a new idea in the market, there is likely to be more barriers to entry. Start your idea as a small project and see it grow, together with your organization. This will mean there is less resistance.


It is useful to have a prototype of your idea. A prototype will help you identify some of the risks you are likely to face in the implementation phase.

Develop Your Project Bit By Bit

This will help you track your progress and ensure that the various modules are implemented well.

Develop a Routine

Business motivational speakers say that a routine will help you create a good foundation for sparking the true insight of the project. Consistency has been proven to produce more results and is thus more productive.

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