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Humor And Play -The Natural Cures To Life’s Hardships

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Laughter and play help you deal with life’s adversities!

Laughter and play help you deal
with life’s adversities!

Have a peak at the many ways in which humor and play can help you in your daily life:

Help you survive difficulties: Healthy recreational activities, smiles, laughter and hilarity, all help to combat life’s adversities and hardship. They are the natural remedy that is able to lighten your spirit and unload the burdens that start to build up in our hearts. Plus they help you get back on track and in times of extreme difficulty they allow you to see your hardships and setbacks from a whole new perspective through which you are able to beat the hard times.

Help you say things you usually can’t. By resorting to subtle humor you are often able to express things that otherwise you are embarrassed, ashamed or are afraid to express. For instance, if your spouse is incensed at something you did or didn’t do; gentle comedy can lighten up her mood and get you out of the hot zone.

Boosts your energy levels and more: Studies confirm that a lively laughter decreases stress levels, enhances your energy level and your mood by restoring your nervous system’s balance. Plus it has been shown that a humorous conversation alleviates exhaustion and calms your body..

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Make Your Audience Laugh as a Professional Speaker

Timing is crucial when using humor as a professional speaker.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

There is nothing worse than a dull professional speaker. They make speeches that last half an hour feel as though they will never end, and you find that your chair becomes increasingly uncomfortable as they drone on. The last thing that you want to do is give a boring speech, so consider using a bit of humor to keep your audience listening.

Who Are Your Audience Members?

Humor is a device used to ensure that your audience members engage with your speech. It is therefore very important that you direct your humor towards the particular audience that you’re talking to. Think about where they have come from; are there any local rivalries that you can exploit? If you’re giving a speech to people who know each other, do you know any office stories that you can slip in? Taking a bit of time to research your audience will lead to a real connection.

Timing is Everything

You need to remember that you are giving a speech for a particular purpose. If you focus too much on humor then your topic may be lost in a wave of laughter. The phrase ‘less is more’ has never been more apt. You want to ensure that you use humor to get the audience on your side and then push forward with your talk. Sprinkle in a pun or two mid-way through to keep them listening and try to end with a bang. Find the right balance and you will give an excellent speech.

Make sure you give a memorable speech; add humor and watch as the audience hangs on your every word.

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A Few Ways to Dispel Work Related Stress

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

You can lessen your stress levels by sharing your issues with someone!

You can lessen your stress levels
by sharing your issues with someone!

The following are a few proven tips on how to fight stress:

Take some time off work.  If you are beginning to become excessively stressed at work, it would be best to take some time off.  Getting some personal space and time to calm yourself down and to relax will help to shun away the building tension that might otherwise lead to a full-blown breakdown if not dealt with properly.  You don’t necessarily need a whole week or month off, just a few hours or a few minutes can reduce stress levels greatly.

Share your work issues with someone.  Talk to a professional about your work related problems or perhaps even a co-worker or a friend. By simply sharing your thoughts and sentiments with someone who is understanding and supportive, you’ll be able to blow off some steam and relieve your brain from a load of unnecessary stress.

Learn to laugh it off.  Humor can be one of the best stress relieving therapies that you can resort to. When utilized wisely, humor can help to alleviate stress like no other technique. When everything at work starts to get too serious and begins wearing you down, just simply try finding some sort of humor in it all or share a funny joke.

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Humor Can Truly Help You With Your Relationship Problems!

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Humor can truly help you tame your relationship problems!

Humor can truly help you
tame your relationship

While fixing relationships requires a lot of work, humor certainly can help tame many of the rough spots we all often face in our relationships. Irrespective of the issues that are causing problems in your relationships; whether your problems are associated with infidelity, money, employment; humor in fact can not only help you to resolve these problems but can also assist you in the strengthening of your existing relationships.

Your happiness and health are certainly influenced by the quality of your relationships. In order to mend your relationship gaps and form more intimate and stronger bonds, resort to humor every now and then as laughter does bring you closer to others. Moreover you can utilize some subtle humor with the intention of addressing to some intense relationship problems. Additionally a timely joke can set abate a stressful situation and can help you to resolve arguments you might be having with your close ones.

Having a sense humor depicts you as someone who is resilient and flexible. Encompassing such an attitude will help you to stay and stand strong in the face of adversity, misfortune and hardship. Furthermore, humor will broaden your horizons of creativity and thinking skills and hence is beneficial for your brain health!

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Finding Humor in Bad Situations

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance

Friends can often help you find the best in every situation

Friends can often help you find the best
in every situation

Perhaps the hardest part of life is learning how to deal with heartache. No matter how well you plan or how much effort you put in, bad things happen, even to good people. Often life will give you more than you think you can handle, and you may get sad, mad, or just disgusted with everything and everyone. But life goes on.

And since time stops for no one, you can’t wallow in your sorrows for too long. No matter what has happened, you still have responsibilities, and you can’t afford to let everything lapse. Even if it’s easier said than done, you must try to look on the bright side.

Finding humor in bad situations can be difficult, but it’s usually there somewhere, even if you have to search for it. And most of the time, you will find that things could be worse. Remember all the positive things in your life, and concentrate on them. Look to your friends and family for support.

Focusing on the good will help you build yourself back up again. And eventually your wounds will heal, and you will be glad that you didn’t let your troubles weigh you down too greatly.

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