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The Two Pals- Teenagers And Anger!

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 In order to tame your teenager’s anger you need to act upon in a subtle way, one which won’t further aggravate their anger or the situation

Teach your teens about healthy ways that help to alleviate anger. Leadership speakers will tell you that anger can be controlled by various stress relieving activities for instance, exercise, sports, dancing, writing etc. It can also be controlled by simply venting it out in a reasonable way such as punching a sand bag, or taking up fighting activities like karate, boxing, kung fu etc.

Teach your teen healthy ways through which they can express their anger!

Teach your teen healthy ways
through which they can express their anger!

Let your teen have their space so they may calm down. Don’t push your teen any further by asking for explanations or for them to apologize immediately until they have had time and space to cool off.  So, when your teen is fuming let him have his peace and quiet otherwise you’ll simply exacerbate their anger.

Learn to control your own anger. Talk to leadership speakers as in the advent of an anger explosion from your teenager, you need to learn to keep their own anger under control. You can’t expect to help your teen if you can’t even silence your own anger. Try with your own issues without screaming at your family members. Else your teenager will see such a response as the right way to express his anger too.

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