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Fake Confidence- Everyone Does It

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Want to know a secret? Most people don’t know what they’re doing. Most people are overwhelmed and are forced to fake knowledge about a certain subject on a regular basis.

The secret to appearing confident is two fold. 1.) Don’t talk too much or you’ll give yourself away. 2.) Say what you can at the right time with a composed demeanor. Studies show that speaking at the beginning and end of a meeting impacts people’s perspective on you the most. It’s also important to compliment others more than proclaim your own greatness. Being likable always goes a long way.

Like a professional speaker, when you are nervous try to look confident so that you can you can overcome every difficulty that arises. You can appear confident even though inside, you are very nervous.

In the case of  a presentation, you are supposed to be fully prepared to boost your confidence levels. Preparation will always ease your jitters and that’s what a professional speaker does.

Trying to make yourself look good overall by dressing properly and making your hair will make you have a much greater confidence levels than that of a person who got prepared in a hurry.

When having a conversation with your boss or having an interview, you should stand up straight, looking other people in the eye, and give a smile. Never rush and try to concentrate on what you know but rather concentrate on what you don’t. You should always be friendly and outgoing.

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