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Public Speaking Tips from a Professional Speaker for Real Time Events

Everyone makes mistakes. As professional speakers say, don't apologize for them. Continue your speech and don't break the flow.

Everyone makes mistakes. As professional speakers say, don’t apologize for them. Continue your speech and don’t break the flow.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

As all professional speakers know, stuff happens during presentations. These real time events require a quick wit and are necessary to prevent the collapse of your presentation. In fact, your presentation just might have gotten a little better if you handle them smoothly enough. The point is, that the show must go on and little disturbances shouldn’t be made any larger than they really are.

Mess Ups

They’re bound to happen. Mistakes can come in any form and size, but a good public speaker can handle them all. Several professional speakers state that you should never apologize, and for good reason. Apologizing for technological difficulties or an error you made in information puts the mistake in the spotlight. This is awkward for everyone and the best solution is to use humor. Using humor makes light of a bad situation and can reset the flow of your presentation. If the lights go out suddenly, just blow it off with a light joke – “I guess it’s closing time.” – and continue with what you were saying.

Questions from the Audience

This is part of the show, after all. You can’t just talk for an hour and a half and expect the crowd to be silent. There’s no way to expect what they’ll ask so make sure you’ve mastered your topic. Don’t make your answer too long as there are other people who have something to ask. Remember, your answers are from the top of your head, but you are still a public speaker; don’t sink back into a casual way of speaking and absentmindedly hmm or umm.

It’s important not to panic as it just exaggerates the errors made. Trust the experience of these professional speakers; these tips were made to ensure that you maintain the flow of your presentation.

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