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A Business Motivational Speaker Helps the World Go Round

Encourage and praise your employees for better productivity.

A business motivational speaker suggests that you give credit when credit is due and praise your employees.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

Motivation makes the world go round or at least the job-related world. A business motivational speaker may say that if you want something done right, you should do it yourself. However, you can’t do everything and need to get things done quickly; thus, you assign some of it to somebody else. Do not forget that the other person doesn’t necessarily know what you expect from him if you don’t set the goals clearly.

Praise Goes a Long Way

You should also give some feedback in a pleasant way. Praise the worker, as studies have shown that you should do it at least once a week and avoid being overcritical. Your business motivational speaker reminds you to give him some incentives and show that you are a team player, rather than his boss. Take some time to listen to his problems and, why not, provide some good advice if you can. Avoid shouting and encourage him in his way of fulfilling his task. Reward him if you think he is entitled to get a reward, but do not allow yourself to make promises you know you cannot keep.

Positive Feedback Equals a Motivated Employee

Always remember the fact that if the employee considers you to be a bad manager, he will eventually leave for a better job. Praise, respect, reward, and encouragement are the key words for the wonderful world of motivation. You cannot motivate others if you don’t know the answer to the questions what? when? how? and why? A business motivational speaker says that a good motivator will always know what to do, when it is the right time to do it, how to make it until the end and what is the reason for doing a certain task.

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The Power of Feedback Towards Heightened Productivity in the Workplace

Positive Feedback Helps Productivity

Feedback should be given regularly to ensure that productivity in the workplace is secured.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Personal Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

Feedback should be given to your employees on a regular basis as it serves as a guideline on how they should handle their productivity in the workplace. This should never be neglected as it automatically commends great work and corrects those that are not delivered accordingly.

Provide Encouragement

A good pat on the back telling your employee that he has done something great may give him enough appreciation that will push him to providing intense productivity in the workplace. Feedback is necessary to push them to deliver the type of progress you are expecting from them.

Accentuate the Positive

In sending out a feedback, you should not only focus on the errors. You have to make sure that everything is balanced. Sending out negative feedback often will make your employee question his capabilities. You correct his errors, but you also need to mention the strong points he has, in order to inspire and convince him that he is capable of the job you have assigned him.

A good leader should understand how advantageous feedback is to increasing productivity in the workplace, thus, heightening the progress of the company. Be guided accordingly in sending out feedback and have all of your employees working harmoniously. Andy Core can help you learn to keep the balance between good feedback and bad feedback.

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Uplifting Your Productivity in the Workplace after Negative Feedback

Negative Feedback

Negative feedback should guide you to better productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

Not everyone will appreciate your skills, no matter how hard you try to uplift your productivity in the workplace. Some may even give you negative comments that might make you think, “Am I really not good enough?” You might question your skills and capabilities, and feel low about yourself. However, you have to understand that you can survive bad performance reviews. Here are some tips in order for you to have a clear mind in spite of the pain and disappointment from the negative comments:

  1. Breathe. Maintain your composure. Do not cry or walk out of the place just because you cannot take the negative feedback. Be tough, even when you are at your lowest.
  2. Welcome Improvement. You should understand that you should not walk out of that door without seeking proper guidance. Ask for advice on how you can improve your work by understanding how they want things to be delivered.
  3. You need to understand the emotion behind the negative feedback. Figure it out. Is your boss angry? Sympathetic? Sarcastic?
  4. Learn to say “Thank You” no matter how painful the situation is. Always take these negative comments as guidelines on how you will be able to revamp yourself into something better. Be thankful for their honesty about how they see your work as it pushes you to becoming someone better and productive.

Negative feedback should guide you on how you will uplift your productivity in the workplace. It should not pull you down.

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