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How To Just Start Off With That Exercise Plan!

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

There are certain measures you can take so as to ensure that you adhere to a workout plan!

There are certain measures you can take so as to
ensure that you adhere to a workout plan!

While most of us find it hard to workout daily, there are certain measures you can take in order to adhere to your daily exercise schedule.

Firstly figure out your barriers

Identify the things and obstacles that usually keep you from exercising. Is it lack of motivation, lack of money, lack of support, or perhaps health problems? Once you have figured out your barriers, you can work to eradicate them one at a time by working out adequate solutions to each of these problems.

Aim to set modest goals

While it’s great to workout twice a day, it doesn’t certainly mean that you have to keep up such a strenuous schedule day in and day out. Even as little as 20 minutes of daily exercise can make a huge difference and can truly improve your overall health.

Find an activity that you simply love and enjoy.

Engaging in a physical activity like perhaps ice skating, dancing skiing, swimming, soccer etc, that you actually are an ardent fan of and you enjoy immensely, is what you should be signing up for. This way it won’t ever feel like a chore when you workout and you won’t have to constantly push yourself to do it. Rather you’d be eager to workout!

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A Few Cautions About Exercise

Listed below are few things you should watch out for in order to exercise safely.

To exercise safely, make sure you keep
yourself hydrated!

Before commencing any exercise give your practitioner or physiotherapist a visit especially if you have sustained some injuries or undergone some medical procedures recently. Your doctor will instruct you about the kind of exercises and movements that would be suitable for you and the one you should restrain from. Moreover, if your muscles are sore or if you haven’t rested properly, it’s best to take a rest day and you’re your body recuperate.

Take it one step at a time

Start off slowly and increase the intensity of your workouts gradually instead of trying to do it all within a day or a week. If you feel flushed and exhausted simply stop exercising and take a break. See if you can resume after a few minutes and if not, don’t beat yourself over it. Fitness and stamina are achieved with time, not overnight. Doing too much, in too little time will simply lead to injuries.

Keep yourself hydrated

Hydration is important for your body to function and recuperate properly. Dehydration can lead to nausea, muscle soreness and joint pains. Always try to keep a water bottle on you if you are planning to exercise outdoors.

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3 Nifty Tips For Beginners Hoping To Kick Start An Exercise Routine?

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Stretching before exercising will help to reduce
muscle soreness.

If you are just about to start off with a new exercise routine then make note of the following suggestions that can really enhance your workout experience.

Start your exercise sessions with stretching

Instead starting off with your exercise right away, always stretch at the beginning. Also, add in some stretching one’s you are done working out too. Scientists state that stretching helps to alleviate muscle soreness and suggest that you only stretch your muscle where you feel a mild discomfort and not any further. Stretching too hard will only lead to injuries. Moreover, when you stretch aim to hold your position for at least 20 to 30 seconds and always stretch the opposing muscle groups one at a time.

Wear something comfortable and not necessarily fashionable?

When exercising make sure you are wearing some comfortable clothing one that won’t make you itch or sweat excessively. Also, find a pair of shoes to wear that your support your feet appropriately. Avoid shoes that will cause blisters or injuries.

Focus on your technique

If you are a complete amateur, then it’s best to seek advice from professional coaches or trainers that can help you with your technique. Having the right technique will help you to avoid any unnecessary injuries which you otherwise might sustain.

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Convention Speakers: Erasing Stress in the Workplace

Convention speakers emphasize the importance of erasing stress and tell you how.

Convention speakers emphasize the importance of erasing stress in the workplace and tell you how.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance


Convention speakers emphasise that stress in the workplace is an important issue that must be taken seriously by employers if they hope to have a productive and efficient workforce. Not all stress is negative, and in small amounts may even enhance the performance of an individual. However, excessive amounts of stress in the workplace must be avoided.


Around 1 in 5 members of the working population will suffer from stress, resulting in over 105 billion working days lost annually. In the UK alone, this costs employers at least $1.89 billion per year.

Although a serious matter, it is a problem that can be prevented and overcome by investing in the wellbeing of staff. Statistics show that for every $1.50 invested in employee wellbeing there can be seen a return of $4.50 in improved efficiency and productivity.


As an employer, you should make every effort to try to minimize the negative effects of stress in the workplace. There are many strategies that can be taken to achieve this. Often a combination of both individual approaches and a whole group approach can be the most effective. Convention speakers highlight the importance of encouraging:

  • Organization
  • Teamwork
  • Optimism
  • Physical exercise and healthy eating
  • Work-life balance
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Independence

Convention speakers state that by taking simple steps to improve the well being of employees the disastrous effects of stress in the workplace can be greatly reduced, resulting in the enhanced performance of the team as a whole.

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A Professional Speaker: Don’t Let Health and Wellness Fall by the Wayside

Eating a healthy diet is one of the ways to maintain work-health balance.

A professional speaker reminds you that eating a healthy diet is one of the ways to maintain work-health balance.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Andy Core, a professional speaker, recommends a number of tips on how to maximize balance between work and physical health. It’s possible to work hard and enjoy life without allowing your health to suffer. No matter how heavy your workload, your health and wellness need to be high on your list of priorities, too.

1. Exercise. Taking time to maintain a healthy physical lifestyle is one of the best ways to ensure that the stresses of work are minimized. If the distance isn’t too far, something as simple as walking or cycling to work is a great start. Another is taking advantage of company gym memberships.

2. Eat well. A balanced diet that’s high in nutrition and low in fast food is another great way to tackle the day. Studies have shown that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables gives you more energy, enabling you to face tough issues with more vigor.

3. Get enough sleep. A professional speaker reminds you that all the exercise and good eating habits will mean little if you don’t get the sleep you need. Your body needs time to rest and recharge, and sleeping 6-9 hours a night is one of the simplest ways of doing it.

It may not be easy to implement these changes, but keep at it and you’ll be sure to notice a huge improvement in how you look, think, act and feel. A professional speaker states that a support network works wonders for sticking with a change, so reach out to your friends, family and coworkers for that extra bit of help when you’re feeling frustrated.

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