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Fostering a Work Environment that Works

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

There are a lot of things we want from our job. Money, benefits and time off are all important goals, but perhaps one of the most sought after requirements in a job is that you like being there. So for managers who want to create a culture of employees who enjoy their job, here are a few tips.

Practice an attitude of transparency

If you mess up, admit it. If you are confused or overwhelmed, ask for help. Thank others for their honesty when they do the same. This way, fear won’t be the driving force that motivates people and collaboration will be the norm. The point of working in an office is to be a team. This requires regular interaction, honesty and the knowledge that you won’t be fired for imperfection.

Stop Venting

That being said, it’s important not to complain. Venting does not make you more productive, less stressed or more motivated. Instead it creates negativity and wastes time. A positive culture is vital, and if you or your coworkers spend your energy complaining, this is impossible.


I have a theory that productivity corresponds with laughter. Joking around with your coworkers increases energy and revitalizes motivation, making work feel less like work. Especially if you’re the manager, it’s good to goof off a bit, and lead the trend.

Work hard, but with Attitude

Everyone is different. And the best way to like your job is to be accepted for your unique self. As long as the work gets done and done well, any personality should feel welcome. This allows for a vibrant workplace that is comfortable and positive.


There is Power in Your Attitude

Positive thinking can only benefit you

Positive thinking can only benefit you

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Every person is equipped with the power to bring change. If you believe something will happen, be it positive or negative, it will happen. This power is known as intention. It’s a choice and we all control that choice with our attitude.

It all boils down to how you think. Scientists have proven that our minds get into a habit of producing thoughts with a certain mindset. If you usually see life through a negative lens, the chemical produced will be familiar to your brain. The same is true with positve thought.

This perspective will create a chain reaction that starts with the emotions we store and generate on a daily basis.If we learn to nurture the good feelings and discard the negative, then our energy will attract positive energy from others. A smile does wonders to create a better day, a better reaction, and a better life.

Being positive can only lead to good things in your life. Don’t accept defeat and never let negativity stand in your way. Don’t even let it effect your thoughts. Obviously this can be difficult at times. But if you are able to welcome the challenges that face you and take pride in what you have achieved, it will motivate you and energize you to continue this flow of good energy.

Only you can decide what your attitude will be. If you make the daily choice to have a positive attitude your positivity will rub off onto others and begin to change the world. Literally, your attitude and belief can change the world.

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React to a Problem With the Right Attitude. Get Rid of the Problem.

The problem isn't the problem. Jack Sparrow QuoteAndy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

recently spoke with a friend who was  frustrated because his boss would randomly come to him with a project that had to be done immediately without regard to the schedule already set in place.

The situation would go something like this:

Boss: I’ve got something I need you to do for me, and it has get done tomorrow.

Friend: Okay, but I have A, B and C due tomorrow, and I don’t have time to get this done too.

Boss: I don’t care. There are no excuses. I need immediate results and this has to be done now.

For the next hour, my client would spend time pleading his case to the office about how inconsiderate this was to his process and how he couldn’t get it all done. He would go to his supervisor and complain. He would go to his creative team and complain. He would go to his project manager to complain. He spent an hour complaining until a coworker finally said, “Let’s both get it done now.”

So the two of them sat down to get the project done and were finished in less than two hours. Progress was made and everyone was happy, and the following day, all the projects that had to be finished, were finished on time.

This is all well and good, but I couldn’t resist bringing up the point that he made his own day more stressful because he reacted negatively. Yes, his boss was being a jerk, but when it came down to it, everything was taken care of and complaining only hindered, “his process.”

In work and in life, stuff comes up that you’re not expecting. You may face difficulties on a regular basis that require you to sacrifice your process and react quickly.

This story brings me to four core productivity points.

1. Venting doesn’t help. 

Venting is one of worst things you can do if you want to stay motivated and energized. I depletes your energy and makes your attitude toxic. It’s distracting and makes everyone contemplate what negative things they have to think about. Picture a room full of babies and one of them starts crying. What happens? All the babies join in the sob fest. So rather than be that baby, be that awesome person who takes bad news and makes it good. Use this opportunity to be a problem solver rather than a troublemaker.

2. Sometimes you need to ask a teammate for help. 

It’s understandable that my friend was overwhelmed, annoyed and stressed when his boss threw this task on his plate. However, its not understandable that he wasted his and his coworkers time to complain when he could have spent that time to collaborate and finish the task at hand. He ended up getting the job done because of collaboration, because unlike venting, team work boosts energy and motivation. 

3. Go with the flow.

Once you stop resisting the challenges in life, you’ve learned to take the setbacks in stride. You’re day is stablized and you don’t let the emotions of stress get to you. When you do this on a regular basis, your days get better, and when your days get better, your life gets better.

4. No one likes a martyr.

Everyone is busy. Everyone has stuff on their to-do list that they don’t want to do, and if they had the option, would just as well skip. But life isn’t always about things being easy. So instead of giving the woe is me speech, shut up, get it done and mark it off your to-do list like a boss. This takes you from baby to badass in one swift move and that is definitely a better office reputation.


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Humor And Play -The Natural Cures To Life’s Hardships

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Laughter and play help you deal with life’s adversities!

Laughter and play help you deal
with life’s adversities!

Have a peak at the many ways in which humor and play can help you in your daily life:

Help you survive difficulties: Healthy recreational activities, smiles, laughter and hilarity, all help to combat life’s adversities and hardship. They are the natural remedy that is able to lighten your spirit and unload the burdens that start to build up in our hearts. Plus they help you get back on track and in times of extreme difficulty they allow you to see your hardships and setbacks from a whole new perspective through which you are able to beat the hard times.

Help you say things you usually can’t. By resorting to subtle humor you are often able to express things that otherwise you are embarrassed, ashamed or are afraid to express. For instance, if your spouse is incensed at something you did or didn’t do; gentle comedy can lighten up her mood and get you out of the hot zone.

Boosts your energy levels and more: Studies confirm that a lively laughter decreases stress levels, enhances your energy level and your mood by restoring your nervous system’s balance. Plus it has been shown that a humorous conversation alleviates exhaustion and calms your body..

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What Exactly Is A Job Burnout?

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Job burnout leads to lack of motivation and lack of perspective!

Job burnout leads to lack of motivation
and lack of perspective!

Commonly burnout is a state where one is exhausted to such an extent where they are completely worn out emotionally, psychologically and physically. It is usually caused by undue and prolonged stress. In state of a burnout you tend to get overwhelmed by the most miniscule of things and what’s more are that you’ll find yourself unable to meet perpetual demands. Burnouts often lead to lack of motivation, interest and lack of perspective which consequently hampers your productivity levels at work.

Furthermore, a burnout depletes one of energy which leaves them feeling terribly feeble, pessimistic, hopeless and indignant. And with time individuals end up feeling completely worthless and feel as if they have nothing left to offer.

You are already suffering from a burnout if for you every day at work turns out to be a bad day and you can’t seem to care about any of it anymore. Moreover, you keep feeling stressed and drained at work constantly and perhaps you feel as if your work is taken for granted and is simply underappreciated.

Burnouts will not only affect your professional life but your social and personal life too. What’s more is that it can also make your more susceptible to illnesses like fever and flu. Hence in order to avoid its consequences learn to deal with burnouts properly.

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