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Productivity in the Workplace: Whose Job is it Anyway?

In terms of productivity in the workplace it is never clear who is responsible. Some say the employer should motivate and on the other hand the employee should be self motivated too.

In terms of productivity in the workplace, it is sometimes not clear who is responsible. Some say the employer should motivate, on the other hand some believe the employee should be self motivated. Ideally, the two should work together.

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Having productivity in the workplace is a commodity that many companies are struggling with. In order to accomplish productivity, is it the manager’s job to motivate employees or should the employees motivate themselves?

The Employer

Some would argue that it is the manager’s job to keep the employees motivated and satisfied in the workplace. If this is true then this puts a big burden on the manager’s shoulders. The manager needs to make sure he or she has ideas and plans that will keep the employees happy and will continue to provide productivity in the workplace. He or she needs to treat the employees fairly and have a good professional relationship with them.

The Employee

On the other hand, it can be argued that employees need to find ways of motivating themselves. They receive a salary to work and therefore should do so with a positive and glad attitude. They need to find ways of enjoying the job. If this is not possible, then maybe the job they are doing is not suitable for them, they might need to look for other forms of employment.

Motivating productivity should not be an us-or-them proposition. Ideally, employees and managers should work in tandem. Although it can be difficult to generate productivity in the workplace, it can be achieved if managers and employees work together in a professional manner.

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Secure Productivity in the Workplace with Two Leadership Traits

A strong leader can secure productivity in the workplace with two traits. It is not just the employees that have to work hard, but also their employer.

Productivity in the workplace is non-existent without a strong leader in command. Employees – subordinates – must be kept in line at all times and only a leader with the right attitude can achieve this objective. Despite this, the workplace is not a barrack and the employees are not soldiers. The leader of a workplace is not the general of an army or the tyrant of a nation, but a role model and a guiding hand. There must be a balance between punishment and praise, for if you treat the employees too harshly, they will hate you and lose the motivation to work. Treat them too soft and they will become prideful and lazy. These are two traits a great leader should have:

Trustworthy: It is not possible to get 100% from the people working under you if they don’t trust you. How motivated will they be if they believe that the person commanding them doesn’t know what he’s doing? Work hard, put effort into your job, do twice their workload; show them who’s boss. When they get the picture that you deserve your position, there shouldn’t be anyone left talking behind your back.

Fair: Hail success, punish failure, but only up to their worth. Whether it is the workplace or high school, picking favorites never led to anything good. Rejecting because of a bias is the same thing. Word spreads around fast and awarding employees disproportionate to what they achieved or punishing employees in excess of their shortcoming will get to every ear. Motivation amongst the employees then becomes unbalanced and teamwork crumbles. Of course, without teamwork, there is no productivity in the workplace.

A great workplace is only as great as its leader. Even with power in your hands, it is not to be abused. A strong leader secures productivity in the workplace by working as hard as he wants his employees to.

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