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Emotional Intelligence- The Two Main Factors That Are Influenced By It!

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

EQ helps you deal with your emotions and helps you form stronger bonds!

EQ helps you deal with your emotions
and helps you form stronger bonds!

To be successful in life your Intelligence quotient or IQ isn’t enough rather it is your emotional intelligence quotient or EQ that really matters. True that your IQ might help you to graduate, but it is your EQ that actually helps you deal with your emotions such as anxiety and stress that you face during your examination period at college. Moreover, EQ is also the type of intellect that equips you with the knowledge about social conduct and makes you socially aware.

Below are two factors that are influenced by emotional intelligence:

One’s physiological health: Emotional Intelligence teaches you how to deal with stress. So individuals who haven’t developed their EQ, have trouble managing stress and this can lead to some severe health conditions. High stress levels have the tendency to deteriorate your whole body. It can increase your blood pressure, damage the immune system, raise your risk of getting a heart attack, can lead to infertility, can accelerate the aging process and can even lead to a stroke. So in order to control your stress levels, you need to work on developing your EQ.

One’s relationships:  EQ equips you with the appropriate knowledge that allows you to articulate yourself adeptly and at the same time makes you empathic as well. This allows you to form stronger and deeper bonds with others.

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