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Improve Productivity in the Workplace with a Sense of Direction

A sense of direction encourages increased productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

Give your employees a sense of purpose and productivity in the workplace will follow. There are two main advantages to ensuring that your employees are fully aware of the philosophy of the company, and the direction that it is going in:

They Know What They’re Working Towards

For many people, the first day of work is very similar. You are taken to your work station, be that a desk or a cubicle, given a quick introduction about what your role is going to be, directed to the emergency exits and coffee making facilities, and then you are left to get on with it. It is rare that you are given a sense of the philosophy of the company or the direction that it is hoping to move in. The main problem with this is that you begin to lack structure when you are confronted with a problem. If an employee knows the aims of the company, they will find solutions that best further those aims. This will benefit the business and productivity in the workplace far more than a solution chosen blindly.

They Feel Part of the Success

One of the main complaints of employees is that they don’t feel as though they are making a difference. They see their work as menial and therefore take little joy from the successes of the company. The result is a disinterested workforce. Give your employees a sense of the direction that the company is hoping to go, and identify their role in pushing the company forward. This will enable employees to take pleasure in the work that they are doing; secure in the knowledge that they are doing something important.

When your employees buy into the philosophy of the company, everybody benefits. Give them the tools to do so by giving them a good narrative of the business’ aims and philosophy and productivity in the workplace is bound to follow.

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The Road to Success Is Very Rocky

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

The road of life has some obstacles. Just keep driving

The road of life has some obstacles.
Just keep driving

In case you haven’t yet realized, the road to success is always under construction. There will be roadblocks, delays, and traffic is slow in some places. But there will also be openings when you didn’t expect them, and sometimes a few miles of wide open road.

The most important thing you can do is to just keep driving. Whether your progress is slow or fast, even if you’re stuck somewhere for a while, at least you’re heading in the right direction. It may not be as soon as you hoped, but you’ll get there eventually.

And success is only temporary, so once you reach a goal in your life, you just have to get back on the road and keep heading toward the next one. You will find that if you get in the habit of thinking positively and doing what needs to be done, surviving the times when progress seems to have stopped will be a bit less frustrating.

Don’t sit and complain, because it will do no good. Turn on the radio and sing along, and ride it out until you get the next opportunity to take off and drive. And take advantage when you get a chance to drive freely for a while. Get in as much distance as you can.

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