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Leadership Speaker Advice: Three Reasons for Having a Registered Dietician

Three reasons to have a dietitan on staff.

A leadership speaker knows the value of having a dietitian on staff for employees to learn from.

Most leadership speakers note that organizations often undertake health screening on their employees and most realize on these occasions that they have chronic illnesses such as high glucose levels and high blood pressure. There is often the need to educate employees on what they can do to protect themselves and lead a healthy lifestyle. This is why you need a professional dietician to take care of this need.

Here are some of the reasons that leadership speakers recommend having a registered dietician:

• They are clinical experts: Registered dieticians are required to spend their last year of training in a medical institution. This means that they are able to deal with and advise on other types of illnesses that may be present.

• They are nutritional experts: Nutrition plays a central role in managing most common health problems. This means that these professionals will be able to advise employees on the right diet to follow to avoid most of these illnesses.

• They are expert health coaches: Most of the registered dieticians who give health education usually have extra certification in fitness and skills in the most effective motivational speaking techniques. Most of these professionals have been trained to be leadership speakers, talk to people about the place they are in, the place they would like to go and how they can get there.

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