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To Deliver Quality, Focus on the Now


Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

This motivational quote comes from the show Girls by Lena Dunham. Adam, the man on the left, is the type of character one might describe as a purest. He has big goals like building a boat, never being anyone’s slave and to only deliver quality work. Many people might have a similar passion to never produce anything mediocre, but when work or home environments become stressful, we can’t always live up to this standard. As we all realize when we get older, there are so few hours in the day, and there is only so much we can do.

But don’t despair… We are meant to manage our time and take every day for what it is. Focus on making this day the best in your life. I read once that it’s best to work towards a schedule, not a deadline.  Make small goals to do that day. In the same way, it’s silly to clean your entire house in one day. Let each day have it’s own separate chore. There might be some maintenance tasks to keep everything livable, but you’re not expected to do everything. Similarly, you can’t run a marathon without first setting small goals and becoming better on a daily basis. And starving yourself won’t make you permanently lose weight.

Our lives aren’t microwave ovens, they’re gourmet meals. And our work shouldn’t be processed food, it should be organic goodness. Unique and healthy rather than rushed and unhelpful.

Once you learn to change the habits of your day, you will change your life. When you get used to consistently producing quality it will become a habit and you will also be quality. Don’t think big picture. Think right now. Make the best choice for right now and get out of the habit of searching for instantly gratified goals. Life is a process. You’re daily habits determine your progress.

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Keynote Speaker’s Something to Ponder: Too Much Communication Causes Stress

Stressed Due to Deadline

A keynote speaker will tell you that asking for updates from your employees in the case of deadlines, can be overdone.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Huh? You might be confused by the claim, but it is actually true. Sometimes, too much communication may actually heighten the stress your employees are experiencing, especially if you are trying to reiterate a deadline to beat. Andy Core, a professional keynote speaker would like you to understand that keeping your employees away from stress will help them produce a better quality of work.

An employee knows what a deadline is and that he’s definitely working to ensure that things are executed well. However, when someone continuously seeks for an update, especially during the hours wherein the employee is trying to clear his mind, is undoubtedly unhealthy as it causes panic and stress. Though work may be delivered, you have to double check. You may surely see a number of errors and hanging messages when employees are unduly stressed.

Getting updates is surely not a bad thing to do, especially if your employee has no capabilities of beating the deadlines. However, doing it almost every hour will make your employee feel overly stressed, which may result in bumping his head on the wall in frustration. Be considerate and find other alternatives so that both of you will be working hand-in-hand.

There are strategies you can execute to receive the quality you want, without sacrificing the deadline. If possible, you could even tone down the assignments of work you are requiring your employee to work on. Being stressed is something your employee should not experience or the progress of your business will be taken aback.

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