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How To Take Better Care Of Yourself!

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Learn to take care of yourself by trying out new things frequently!

Learn to take care of yourself
by trying out new things frequently!

Stated below are a few tips on how you can take care of yourself by employing some simple strategies.

Exercise and engage all of your senses.

Exercising and making all of your five senses work, will not only boosts your energy levels but will also improve your brain and emotional health. Engage your sense of smell, touch, sight, sound and taste daily and teach each of these senses something new. Like for instance make your fingers touch a new kind of texture, drink and eat something new and healthy, watch something new and fascinating etc.

Challenge your creativity.

Aim to engage in some sort of creative work regularly. Go for something that will push creative boundaries and it doesn’t necessarily need to be paid work as it could just be a hobby that you adopt. For example you could give painting or woodcarving a try!

Get a pet.

Pets can bring one heaps of joy and can make one feel extremely loved. True that they are a huge responsibility, but the unconditional love and bonding that you get to enjoy with a pet makes it all worth it! Moreover, pets will usually keep you active and can improve your social life as well as through them you might get to meet some new faces!

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Professional Speaker Explains Using Brainstorming as a Routine to Enhance Creativity


Brainstorming for creativity

Professional speaker Andy Core points out that having a brainstorming session can release creativity as everyone is encouraged to participate.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

Professional speaker, Andy Core argues that creativity is one quality that most successful people posses. Think about all the most successful people and you will find they were creative 95% of the time. They either created something unique, did something unique and so on, but it all comes down to creativity.


Brainstorming is an effective, and in many cases the first, step to breaking through to creativity. It is a process whereby you write down all the possibilities. It encourages people to explore all the options at a glance and choosing the one that appears to be the most realistic. Professional speaker, Andy Core advises that in order to have an effective brainstorming session you should start by making a list of everything you can think of in relation to the subject in hand. Despite any silliness or how ridiculous it is, it should all be written down. This allows people to be better positioned to make a good decision about each of the options presented.


A regular routine you have can help you overcome creative blocks. The most effective way to get over creativity problems is to keep on trying and a routine can help master certain important steps that should always be followed.

Professional speaker Andy Core cites mastering creativity as a very important aspect of the process of succeeding and achieving personal goals.

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