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Most Fun Ways a Professional Speaker Implements Corporate Wellness

Professional speakers know that playing games is a fun way to practice corporate wellness.

Professional speakers know that playing games is a fun way to practice corporate wellness.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Playing games doesn’t always have to be associated with negativity, and a professional speaker like Andy Core knows that they’re an easy way to implement corporate wellness at the workplace.

  • Twister is a great way of loosening up limbs and becoming more flexible. In turn, this can help reduce muscle and tissue injury, but be sure to work your way up to it. You want to show off your willingness to participate and be part of the team, but you want to do that in the workplace, not from the sidelines in crutches.
  • Tag is another way of sneaking in a cardio workout under the guise of fun. With so many variations on the classic game, all you need is sneakers, a t-shirt and a minimum of three people.
  • Laser tag is a variation on an old idea, but better: you combine a workout with your competitive instincts as you hunt down members from another team with a ray of red light.
  • Beach volleyball. The sand is a soft place to land when you’re diving to make that spectacular bump, and beaches are a great place to enjoy a post-game picnic.

With a little bit of creativity, a professional speaker assures you that corporate wellness has a firm place at the office.

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Keynote Speakers: Individuality Key to Corporate Wellness

Keynote speakers recognize individuality as important when it comes to corporate wellness.

Keynote speakers recognize individuality as an important component when it comes to corporate wellness.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Every keynote speaker understands that the key to success lies in perfectly meshing individual personalities to maximize performance. Expert speaker Andy Core lists three ways to bring different people together and design a successful corporate wellness program.

  1. Learn about your team’s personalities. Take the time to get to know their strengths, their weaknesses and their preferences. You’ll never be able to implement one corporate wellness program that’s suited to everybody, but if you take the time, you’ll be able to work out something that fits most people.
  2. Allow for flexibility. Along with corporate wellness that appeals to the majority, recognize that some people will feel excluded and try to implement an aspect of corporate wellness that they prefer.
  3. Ask for input. You may have an idea of what you think corporate wellness entails, but as any keynote speaker will tell you, you’re not the only one taking part in this. That doesn’t mean that your employees necessarily get a free-for-all in designing corporate wellness, but that their input should be valued, too. After all, they’re the ones for whom the program is designed for and who will be taking part in it.

Every keynote speaker know that following Andy’s three simple steps when it comes to corporate wellness can provide good results and you’ll see how quickly you’re met with success.

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Leadership Speakers: Avoid this Mistake When Planning Corporate Wellness

Leadership speakers practice good communication when planning corporate wellness.

Leadership speakers practice good communication when planning corporate wellness.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

You can have the best corporate wellness plan in the world, but if you don’t avoid one key mistake that leadership speakers have seen in the past, it’ll all be for nothing. Andy Core, a professional keynote speaker, tells you how to avoid this pitfall by going about it the right away.

Failure to Communicate

Once you’ve made a plan of what corporate wellness will entail at your business, it’s your responsibility to communicate that loudly and clearly. Tell your leaders and supervisors what you expect of them, listen to their feedback, and do this on an on-going basis. Communication isn’t a one-time deal: it’s something that you do all the time to keep getting better at it.

Keep Emotions at a Manageable Level

There are plenty of arenas in which to raise your voice – work is not one of them. Keep a cool head when discussing your plan and remember that not everybody is going to share the same opinion that you do. Leadership speakers say that you should keep in mind that corporate wellness is a team effort and that all successfully managed companies are a democracy, not a dictatorship.

By avoiding this key mistake that manifests itself in two ways, leadership speakers like Andy Core will tell you that you’re a step above the competition when it comes time to plan corporate wellness in your workplace.

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Convention Speakers Offer Advice on How to Make Corporate Wellness Work

Successful corporate wellness involves a large degree of teamwork.

Successful corporate wellness involves having a plan and following through with a large degree of teamwork and a little bit of fun.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

How can convention speakers help you to implement corporate wellness successfully when so many others have failed? Professional speaker Andy Core says the answer lies in the attitude, desire and execution of such a plan.

Step One

The most important part is to know exactly what you want corporate wellness to mean at your company. Are you going to put a focus on healthy eating at the office? Or, will the emphasis be on exercise? Perhaps you’d like to combine the two, or alternate between them. Whichever direction you decide to go in, all successful convention speakers know that it’s vital to make as detailed a plan as possible. First, write down your starting point and where you want to end up. Next, fill in the steps necessary to bridge a path between the two.

Step Two

Make it happen! Now that you have a clear idea of what’s involved in getting from Point A to Point B, implement the changes. Ensure you talk to your leaders and managers, but also remember to ask the employees themselves; they’re the largest portion of people who will feel the effect of your plan, so go straight to the source. They’ll have a good idea of what would and wouldn’t work for them, and the last thing you’ll want to do is enact a plan that’s doomed to fail.

Convention speakers say that following these two simple steps will help you succeed where others have failed in successfully introducing corporate wellness into the workplace.

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Leadership Speakers Offer Three Rules for Corporate Wellness

Leadership speakers know how to successfully introduce corporate wellness.

Leadership speakers know how to successfully introduce corporate wellness into the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance. 

All successful leadership speakers know that corporate wellness is important for any business, but do they know professional speaker Andy Core’s three rules?

1. Make it a priority. It’s no use trying to promote corporate wellness in the workplace if it’s not at the top of your agenda. Outline the way healthy living and workplace wellness fit into your company, tell your managers and leaders, and implement these practices on a regular basis. You do the same thing with quarterly finance statements, so why should wellness be any less important?

2. Provide access to services. If you only talk the talk without walking the walk, leadership speaker Andy Core says you’re not going far enough. Make sure your employees know workplace matters will be okay if they take their vacation days instead of rolling them over to the next year, and offer facilities close to or on work premises so that they can stay relaxed year-round. Some of Andy’s favorites include gyms, cafeterias and daycares in the workplace, as well as having a psychologist on hand to help employees deal with mental health matters.

3. Be flexible. It may take a little while to see the desired effects of the changes, but once you make a plan, stick with it. However, recognize that people aren’t objects and sometimes their needs change. Be open to that. If this means altering schedules because employees function better, make the change. Just keep in mind the goal of your project and try to attain it with the most inclusivity as possible.

If you follow these three leadership speakers’ rules for corporate wellness, Andy says that you’ll be on your way to a happier and more relaxed workplace in no time.

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