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Don’t Despair: You Cannot Control Everything

There is always a way forward

There is always a way forward

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Have you ever felt like you just can’t take any more and wish you could just stop the world and get off? If you have, chances are you made it through that tough time and you are stronger for it.

No matter how endless your problems seem to be, there is always hope. Nothing lasts forever and your fortunes will eventually change. Even in your darkest times you should never give up because your salvation may be just around the corner and arrive when you least expect it. Professional speakers can help you find the silver lining that you might be missing.

You have to keep pushing on. The tide will eventually turn and you will get the good things you have worked for. You can’t afford to be passive and just hope that something good will happen. You have to persevere and work hard and have confidence in your ability to reach your dream.

There will always be obstacles in your path and sometimes they might seem to be insurmountable but there is always a way forward. You just have to have the self-confidence to keep trying and believe that things will get better. You cannot control everything in life; you can only give your best and persevere until things improve. Listen to a professional speaker for advice if you can’t find the answers yourself.

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Criticize In a Calm Way to Get a Solution

Insult MemeAndy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Criticism is a tricky thing. There are many people we may find easy to criticize, be it sarcasm, with a joke or even with anger. However, the best thing to do is avoid all these temptations, and criticize in a manner that is helpful rather than hurtful.

Because honestly, even jokes that make fun of someone in a “nice way” are hurtful. And hurting the feelings of someone you really care about, someone you have to deal with regularly, or even someone you’ll never see again isn’t good for you or them. Guilt and anger are feelings that affect your health and your day, and it’s much more beneficial to calmly explain what’s bothering you to find a solution.

As a motivational keynote speaker, I know that people are stressed, angry,  and overwhelmed. Sometimes you might snap, but as soon as you realize your mistake, apologize and focus on a solution. Next time, it will be easier to deal with problems in a calm and rational manner from the start. Whenever you present an issue in an appropriate way, feelings may still get hurt, but not to the in as the same as yelling and hurling insults to someone. This brings a friendly way whereby you are far more likely to be able to work things out with the person.

A conversation that starts with yelling may result to unresolved disputes. It’s advisable that you approach criticism delicately. And also be able to come up with a solution.

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The Two Pals- Teenagers And Anger!

“Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.”

 In order to tame your teenager’s anger you need to act upon in a subtle way, one which won’t further aggravate their anger or the situation

Teach your teens about healthy ways that help to alleviate anger. Leadership speakers will tell you that anger can be controlled by various stress relieving activities for instance, exercise, sports, dancing, writing etc. It can also be controlled by simply venting it out in a reasonable way such as punching a sand bag, or taking up fighting activities like karate, boxing, kung fu etc.

Teach your teen healthy ways through which they can express their anger!

Teach your teen healthy ways
through which they can express their anger!

Let your teen have their space so they may calm down. Don’t push your teen any further by asking for explanations or for them to apologize immediately until they have had time and space to cool off.  So, when your teen is fuming let him have his peace and quiet otherwise you’ll simply exacerbate their anger.

Learn to control your own anger. Talk to leadership speakers as in the advent of an anger explosion from your teenager, you need to learn to keep their own anger under control. You can’t expect to help your teen if you can’t even silence your own anger. Try with your own issues without screaming at your family members. Else your teenager will see such a response as the right way to express his anger too.

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How To Deal With Angry Teenagers And Adolescents

“Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well-being, and Peak Human Performance.”

Teens hardly know how to deal with their emotions maturely!

Teens hardly know how to deal with
their emotions maturely!

When teenagers can’t cope with their feelings maturely, they often tend to masquerade it with extreme outbursts of anger. Emotions such as shame, frustration, anxiety, hurt, depression, fear or helplessness, they all can cause a teenager to become exasperated and lash out.

Teens usually have trouble identifying and understanding the depth of their emotions and generally can’t really articulate or express these feelings responsibly. During this particular stage, parents must practice patience and need to focus their energies at helping their teenagers cope with anger in a more conducive way. They can also seek the help of a business motivational speaker who is trained to deal with matters like these.

In order to help your teens deal with anger, you need to set up some proper ground rules and punishments. Teenagers require a structure and need to be disciplined properly otherwise, they simply go completely out of control. That is why you need to establish some strict rules and make your teen aware of the ensuing penalties if they aren’t respected. Explain to them that though it’s ok to feel infuriated, there however are some improper ways of expressing it. So let them know that if they lash out and fail to express their anger in a constructive way, they will have to deal with consequences such as being grounded. Don’t pay your business motivational speaker for nothing. Get the advice you need.

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Live Well, Love Much, and Laugh Often

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Life can be hard, with many ups and downs, even in the course of one day. So you must do your best to live well. Eat healthy, but don’t deny yourself the occasional treat, and surround yourself with friends, family, and a job you can feel good about.

There are times when you don’t have a lot of control over certain things in your life, but you can control how you feel. Don’t be afraid to love others, even if you’ve been hurt in the past. Cherish those close to you and always make time for the people you love, especially when they need you.

Make time to enjoy life, and spend time with those you love

Make time to enjoy life, and spend time with those you love

Take time to laugh with those loved ones, and laugh with strangers when the opportunity arises. Everyone enjoys a good laugh, and sometimes, you may brighten someone’s darkest day with your smile. And perhaps someday that person, or someone else, will return the favor.

Life is not a game of caution, and although you should live responsibly, you cannot be afraid to go after what you want and need in life. Concentrate on the good, and deal with the bad in a healthy way. Be a good friend, and lean on others when you need to. Make the most of your days on this earth.

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