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How to: Take Charge of Your Life.

keys-to-happiness_o_1511909When an article is discussing work-life balance, the subject is often directed to working mothers. However, Andy Core’s advice to change your life is for everyone who may be overwhelmed or discouraged with their day.

For instance, everyone has now finished up their holiday season, and soon we will all embark upon the most dreary months of the year. Because when the holidays have ended and the lights are packed up, we’re left with three months of winter and no opportunity to take a vacation. Many of us will hit a lull in our day to day lives that make us feel like we’re on autopilot. Maintaining an upbeat and motivated perspective may seem impossible.

1.) Reflect

However, studies show that if you feel yourself slipping back into bad patterns for whatever reason, be it depression, lack of motivation or just plain fatigue, the best way to get back on the wagon is to reflect back to a point in your life that made you feel happy. When were things going well? If you keep a journal on a regular basis, this might be an easy exercise. However, if you tend to live life by the moment, and don’t take time to reflect on a regular basis, this may take more time.

Either way, just remember the times that you felt the best about you. One great article I read yesterday suggested that we change things according to how we did things as a child. Check it out here. What were you doing differently that you fail to do now? Were you cooking meals with your family? Were you exercising? How much TV were you watching? How much sleep were you getting? Were you prioritizing your relationships? Were you excited about your job?

2.) Reformat

All these questions relate you the minipatterns you’ve designed. If you haven’t stuck to the most beneficial ones, then you most likely won’t be in a good mindset. Therefore, to stay energized at work during this next year, focus on the small, daily habits that you know you should do. Putting technology on the backburner could help significantly. Get your blood flowing with exercise to feel the excitement of health, oxygen and stress relief. Eat mindfully both at work and at home. Practice gratitude.

Picture this for a moment. A three-year old has your laptop in its grubby hands getting ready to bang on the screen, drop it or get the keys sticky with food. You’d freak out, right? You’d instantly take your laptop back, assess the damage and take control of the situation.

Sadly, it seems that we care about electronic devises more than ourselves.  Due to whatever reason, we often continue to let our life be out of sync for years at a time. We give the laptop to the toddler.

I’m not asking you to freak out about changing your life, but I am asking you to value your peace of mind, health and community at least as much as an electronic device. You have the power to assess the damage and create daily habits slowly in order to change your life.

The hardest part is getting started. The worst thing you can do is get overwhelmed by a huge list of things to do. Once you have the motivation of one small adjustment, a tailwind affect will occur and change will snowball with that momentum. One encouragement will serve as a catalyst for transformation. Just change one thing in your day, and if you keep it up, in time, you’ll have reached an amazing goal.


To Deliver Quality, Focus on the Now


Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

This motivational quote comes from the show Girls by Lena Dunham. Adam, the man on the left, is the type of character one might describe as a purest. He has big goals like building a boat, never being anyone’s slave and to only deliver quality work. Many people might have a similar passion to never produce anything mediocre, but when work or home environments become stressful, we can’t always live up to this standard. As we all realize when we get older, there are so few hours in the day, and there is only so much we can do.

But don’t despair… We are meant to manage our time and take every day for what it is. Focus on making this day the best in your life. I read once that it’s best to work towards a schedule, not a deadline.  Make small goals to do that day. In the same way, it’s silly to clean your entire house in one day. Let each day have it’s own separate chore. There might be some maintenance tasks to keep everything livable, but you’re not expected to do everything. Similarly, you can’t run a marathon without first setting small goals and becoming better on a daily basis. And starving yourself won’t make you permanently lose weight.

Our lives aren’t microwave ovens, they’re gourmet meals. And our work shouldn’t be processed food, it should be organic goodness. Unique and healthy rather than rushed and unhelpful.

Once you learn to change the habits of your day, you will change your life. When you get used to consistently producing quality it will become a habit and you will also be quality. Don’t think big picture. Think right now. Make the best choice for right now and get out of the habit of searching for instantly gratified goals. Life is a process. You’re daily habits determine your progress.

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Solving Problems with Alcohol the Right Way

Alcohol is not the answer.

Alcohol: Burden or Bonus?

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Like anything else, too much of something may be a bad thing. Drinking alcohol isn’t, in itself, bad, but if it becomes a priority rather than a bonus, you may have an issue.

My advice is to keep your drinking habit in check. Like everything else, this takes conscious reflection. If your drinking causes problems in your life or those around you, then you have a problem.

If you’re honest with your reflection and refuse to make excuses, then you should be able to decide your plan of action. When do you drink the most? Where are you when you make mistakes that are causing problems? If your answer is with a certain person, at a certain place or when you’re in a certain mindset, then the logical thing to do is figure out what other actions you can do to to offset this habit.

In other words if you drink when you’re depressed or insecure, decide to go exercise instead of having a beer. If you drink when you hang out with a certain person, then be intentional with other relationships. If you get into trouble when you go to a certain bar, avoid that bar.

Obviously, this is hard to do. You drink because it’s social, fun and relaxing. The problem is relying on drinking to be social, fun and relaxed. If you don’t have these qualities in life without alcohol, then something about your life needs to change. Focus on other ways to bring these factors, and bring alcohol into the bonus category rather than the focus.

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Lifestyle Design Tips from a Business Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker shows how to design your life to lead to a comfortable retirement.

A business motivational speaker shows how to design your life to lead you to a comfortable retirement.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

In an era of reduced pensions and massive layoffs, business motivational speaker Andy Core gives four tips on how to restructure your lifestyle design to ensure a comfortable retirement.

1. Invest. While the specific maxims written in The Wealthy Barber may not apply anymore, the principle behind the book remains; sock away as much money as you can afford into bonds, mutual funds, and stocks to create a diverse investment portfolio.

2. Cut back on spending. Business motivational speaker Andy Core says that you don’t have to live an frugal life to build a good lifestyle design, but rather cut back in the small areas. He recommends small things, like bringing coffee and lunch from home, taking the bus instead of driving to work, and reading the newspaper online instead of buying a hard copy.

3. Picture your retirement clearly. If you have no idea what you’ll be doing when you hit 65, then you’ll also have no way of getting there. Andy advises outlining where you want to live, the kinds of activities you want to engage in, and what’s necessary now to get there.

4. Take time to enjoy today. If you only live to work, you’re cutting out a huge and fun portion of life! Remember why you’re in your job, what you like about it, and that you have the power to control where you’re going.

Following these four tips from business motivational speaker Andy Core will not only help in creating a good lifestyle design, but also keep it in place for years to come.

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Change Your life Today With Simple Steps!

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

With simple actions you can change your life! Some people spend hours on end sitting around and doing absolutely nothing. Have you ever imagined how much you could have already accomplished if only you decided to do so and said yes to the challenge?

Life presents you with two options: yes or no. Most people decide to say no to whatever challenges life brings them.

By saying no to new situations in life, you are crippling your life. After all, a life without goals is not a life worth living

By saying no to new situations in life, you are
crippling your life. After all, a life without
goals is not a life worth living

What you should do is quite simple. You just need to say YES! You will have many reasons to go on once you have goals. There are some easy ways to start changing your life today! All you need is a little push from yourself. After all, you are the only one who can take the first step: it all depends on YOU!

Why waste any more time doing nothing? Make your life a life of success and happiness! Give yourself the chance to grow and keep on growing! The only person that can make you happy is yourself! Improve your life now!

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