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Three Tips from a Professional Speaker on Engaging Employees

These tips from a professional speaker will ensure that your employees will show more interest in their work.

According to a professional speaker, it is the job of both the employee and the employer to make work fun for each other. This is true, as no matter how hard an employer tries to make work more engaging, it is ultimately the employee who has to get into it, as it is his job in the first place. The interest of an employee in his work is important, as it is a key factor in motivation. After all, working on something that you don’t want to work on leaves a bad taste in your mouth, in a sense. These are three tips on how to get your employees interested in their work:

Give Them a Challenge

Employees don’t want to be treated like grunts and that means not doing grunt work. If the tasks given to them every day are mundane or feel trivial, then they will not get the urge to exert effort. College is not easy and they didn’t finish it to check email for eight hours a day. Give them something that lets them use all those years of training; something important that gets the heart pumping. As the difficulty rises, so does the effort put into it.

Have Proper Incentives

Rewards are goals that feed the ambitious side of employees. Work will feel static if there was no climbing up. Your employees didn’t apply to your company so that they could be in the same position for 40 years. Incentives like raises or promotions will call to the hunger to move up that your employees have.

Create Projects Where Employees Work Together

Appeal to the need to interact; it is more fun to work with other people than it is to work alone. It’s important to connect your employees together and accept the fact that humans need to socialize. A professional speaker reminds that it’s important to use this need positively: create a group project.

You’re doing your part if you give your employees these opportunities; the rest is up to them. They will bite however and the tips from the professional speaker will show their results when you see motivated workers glued to their tasks.

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There’s a Place for Everything, and Everyone

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Don’t feel like you have to be just like the rest of the crowd

Don’t feel like you have to be just like the rest of the crowd

As the old saying goes, a place for everything and everything in its place. Life isn’t always that neat and tidy, but everything does have a place. Every person has a place in the world as well, and you can find your place if you follow your heart.

A lot of people may feel like they don’t fit in, and it may be more difficult for some to find their place and their mission, but everyone is on the earth for a reason. You shouldn’t have to go too far out of your way to realize your lot in life.

The key to finding the right niche for yourself, is not trying too hard to fit in where you don’t feel comfortable. School can be hard to get through at times, but you can surely find a common ground with a few friends, and know that you don’t have to be popular to do great things.

It’s always good to interact with others who are different than yourself, and never be afraid to learn new things, or change your opinions. However, finding a family and career that fit your comfort zone, yet remain challenging, can help you to become exactly who you are supposed to be.

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Rising to the Challenge of Increasing Productivity in the Workplace

Productivity in the workplace can only reach meaningful levels when the employees rise to the challenge

Productivity in the workplace can only reach meaningful levels when the employees rise to the challenge.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

It’s Your Responsibility

In organizations today, many people believe that the level of productivity is mainly dependent on how much effort the management of the company puts in to raising the productivity in the workplace. However to be quite honest, the amount of productivity in the workplace is solely dependent on what the employees actually accomplish during working hours. Here is a look at some things you can do to increase your productivity as an individual.

You Don’t Need to Check Your Email Every Five Seconds

The top distractions in any workplace, no matter where you go are emails. No one will ever communicate an emergency via email. Email is an efficient way of communication, but it is not the urgent type and therefore there is no need to check your email like an emergency might just pop up. Some people get excited when a new mail pop-up appears. Relax, do your work, stay focused, it will all be worth while reading when you know you have finished all your work for the day.

The second big distraction is the cell phone. What helps, is to use the option of voice mail and read all your messages during your break. Often, because of the increasing number of instant messaging platforms on mobile devices, people just send random things that sometimes do nothing but just distract you from working. Productivity in the workplace will increase when you follow these suggestions.

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Challenging Employees to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Andy Core challenging employees

It is important to challenge employees to tasks in a manner that allows them to achieve more of their goal in the firm and ultimately increasing productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

Productivity in the workplace is a culture that needs to be cultivated in the work force. The common mistake made by business owners is focusing all their efforts on making sure that their balance sheets and profit and loss statements and this is how they measure the success of their business. One criticism about financial statements that is developing recently is the inability to include the value and contribution of employees to the firm. Therefore, the question is how best can you keep your employees? Andy Core gives two simple ways of ensuring that you retain all your staff and increase the productivity in the company.

Employees Love a Challenge

It is important to challenge employees to tasks in a manner that allows them to achieve more of their goal in the firm and ultimately increasing the productivity of the firm. Reports posted on a board visible to everyone can let employees see how they are doing compared to others. Secondly, teach them the importance of setting, tracking and achieving goals. This will give them a focus and ignite a drive within them to achieve something more.

Empowering Employees

It is important that employees feel, and are actually empowered, through working for you. For example, engaging in training of certain aspects of their jobs will help them to develop new ways to work around problems and the interaction promotes cross training amongst the staff.

These tips are quite simple, but in order to use them effectively for increasing productivity, there is a lot of convincing that needs to be done in order to ensure their success.

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