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How To Design A Successful Wellness Program For Your Office

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

While designing your employee program make sure to survey your employees.

While designing your employee program make
sure to survey your employees.

Developing a wellness program from square one can be quite difficult but if you employ a few key ideas, you can easily design a wellness program that will prove to be successful.

Collect health data of your employees. Initially, to begin, you need gather as much data related to your employees health as possible. This could include you getting your employees a full medical checkup. Discover the ailments and conditions your employees might be at risk for such as cardiovascular diseases, neurological illnesses or dangerous metabolic syndromes etc. The sooner you accumulate this data the more it will help you, as you’ll be able to shape your program accordingly.

Survey all your employees. This will allow you to discover something everything there is to know about your employees like their interests, engagements etc. In the survey make sure to inquire your employees about the present fitness and health regimen they are following or about the programs they’d be interested for the future. To make your program successful your wellness program needs to be customized to your employee’s needs and requirements.

Instate your incentives considerately. Design the incentive strategy for your program vigilantly. The aim is to motivate your employees enough so that they participate. Moreover the incentive should also serve as an additional bonus of sorts.

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