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Why And How To Enjoy Your Whole-Grains

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Whole-grains are higher in fiber and nutritional value than processed grains!

Whole-grains are higher in fiber and
nutritional value than processed grains!

A high-fiber diet aids in lowering cholesterol levels and also offers you with nutrients that reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and conditions. By choosing to opt for whole grains instead of processed flours, you’ll be able to meet your daily fiber requirements with ease.

Processed or refined foods have low fiber content, plus they are low in nutritional value as well. So aim to always opt for whole grains if you are looking to boost your health. There are several ways to include whole grains into your diet..

Have a whole-grain based breakfast better. For breakfast go for a whole-grain cereal or whole-grain based sandwich, cupcake, pancake or a muffin. Whole grain cereals have high-fiber content and are usually more delicious as well.

Incorporate it in your salads. Try adding boiled whole-grains to your salads to give it more texture and flavor. You can use corn, whole-grain pasta, quinoa, barley, wild rice or brown rice etc if you wish. These whole-grains are highest in fiber which helps to promote a healthy bowel movement.

Bake with whole-grain flours.  Instead of using refined flours for baking, substitute the processed flour for whole-grain flours such as whole-grain wheat flour, brown rice flour, quinoa flour etc.

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