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To Benefit from Exercise, Don’t Wait. Just Do.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Some_Motivation_Requiredu2sDetailWe all know that exercise is important. From Legally Blondes, “Endorphins make people happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands.” to a motivational speaker telling you to exercise consistently, you know what you’re supposed to be doing.

But sometimes, when we’re distracted, short on time, tired or grumpy, we don’t want to exercise. We want to sit on our butts and watch tv, eat pizza and have a beer. We’ve all had long, stressful days at work and came home with only the desire to be lazy. My advice- just do it anyways.

My favorite trick is to bring workout clothes with me so that when I get off work I instantly put them on, and I’ll be reminded and motivated to get out there before I go on with the rest of the evening.

Yes, you may feel tired and red faced when you get done. You also might be bored with you’re current workout, but you’ll always feel better afterwards. And not only do you get short-term satisfaction, you’ll also be treated to many long term ones too.

Other benefits include more energy, motivation, work-life satisfaction, less stress and better sex. Plus, eventually you’ll be looking as good as you feel. Plus, those feelings of laziness and discouragement are there because you don’t exercise regularly. Once you make working out a habit, those feelings will basically disappear. Remember, the benefits of exercise don’t require a fitness coach or doing Crossfit. All you need is a consistent practice to give you long term results.

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Want to Strengthen Relationships? Play.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance. One of the best ways to keep your relationships fresh and vivacious is by taking out time to ‘play’. Playing collectively with your friends, family or partner can bring you and those involved immense joy, give you all a great boost of energy and will help you to develop deeper, more intimate relationships.

Apart from that, play has the ability to heal emotional wounds and eradicate differences previously existent between people. It creates a feeling of security and develops our trust in others. Additionally, play teaches us a bit about teamwork as well, as when playing we learn to work together and cooperate with each other as a team.

Moreover, through play we are able to refine other skills such as verbalization, social skills and body language. Plus we learn to follow rules, as at the beginning of every game, teams usually set a set of rules that are agreed upon mutually. It’s not only children that should benefit from all the advantages that playing has to offer; rather adults need to incorporate play into their daily lives as well. Reason behind it is that, irrespective of what age group one belongs to, play has been shown to improve one’s mental, emotional and physical health.

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Things to Consider Before Selecting Wellness Incentive Plans

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Before launching incentives plans give your program time to establish itself!

Before launching incentives plans
give your program time to
establish itself!

If you are presently looking for an incentives plan options for your existing wellness program then have a glance at the recommendations below.

  1. Give your program time to establish. Prior to introducing an incentive stratagem, give your wellness program a good sum of time to establish itself first. Your employees should be passionate about wellness and not just see it as a source of a fiscal incentive. To heighten their interest and devotion survey your employees and fashion the programming around their particular requirements.
  2. Explain the reason for launching the incentives to your employees. It is vital to clarify program details early and frequently. If employees aren’t aware about how the incentive works or why you’re enforcing them, you risk endangering the integrity of the program.
  1. Choose incentives for your program shrewdly. You can’t force your employees to get involved, so opt for incentives that are sensible for your business culture. Several employees would perhaps appreciate health insurance, exclusive discounts or a free gym membership, while others might respond better to other benefits such as a company car or accommodation etc. Your wellness partner should recommend you fitting choices that will best suit your employees’ wishes.

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Two Important Aspects of Implementing Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness programs are quite complex to implement. They have complexities to them and need to be implemented in the correct manner

Encouraging preventive care and exercise as part of a workplace wellness program can lead to healthier employees and lower costs for medical insurance.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Workplace wellness programs often don’t go as planned because of the way in which they are implemented. Andy Core suggests the following tips can help ensure success in this regard.

Promoting Preventive Care

As a company, try investing in vaccination for employees at work. It will always have a clear return on the investment. For example, bring the vaccination for flu to the office as part of a workplace wellness programs. This could easily benefit the company during the flu season because you have prevented a number of cases where employees are not at work because of the flu. If the health cover that your employees are getting doesn’t cover this vaccination, then pitch in by subsidizing the fees for these vaccinations, and this opens up a relationship of caring between you and your employees.

Encourage Exercise

One of the reasons many employees end up turning into a vegetable, sitting in the office waiting to be paid, is that the workplace is not effective. Make an investment in a fitness facility at work. What this does is it creates more than a job for your employees. It makes the workplace a source of interaction. Fitting locker rooms for employees and so on can help establish a foundation for the wellness programs. A good example is a lunch hour walking club that offers incentives for those who participate.

These two can help establish a basis for your workplace wellness programs.

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Major Barriers to Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness can often strain the health budget of those wit low income levels. Caution needs to be taken in their implementation

Workplace wellness can often strain the health budget of those with low income levels. Caution needs to be taken in their implementation.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Workplace wellness programs are a very important aspect of the productivity of the company. However, there are certain barriers that may exist in implementing them.


Many concerns have been raised as far as implementing programs that may change how employees behave. Mostly, these concerns are centered on privacy. Secondly, these workplace wellness programs aim to improve the health of the employees and in doing so may involve a high cost in terms of health cover. This therefore means that it will discriminate against those that earn less. Therefore, instead of helping with health conditions, the wellness programs might end up bringing a new problem to the workplace.


So what this might result in higher levels of stress in the workplace. There are other various factors in the workplace such as job security, work schedules and so on. And outside the work are things like personal issues and commitments, financial burdens and so on may affect these programs. Some experts say these programs may have requirements that may discourage employees from taking part in some of their health benefit plans because of their expensiveness. S in the end employers can bill employees who can’t meet the standard so as to force them to find alternative cover.

In light of these barriers, Andy Core says great care needs to be taken in order to ensure that these workplace wellness programs are implemented in a manner that is beneficial to the whole workforce.

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