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Preventing Burnout In the Workplace

flexibleAt the beginning of the New Year, many CEO’s and managers will be considering what adjustments to make to the benefits package they provide their employees. This year especially, many may consider offering more intrinsic benefits. Over the past few years, it hasn’t been enough to offer salary and health care. Employees want to feel valued in a deeper way.

According to a recent LinkedIn survey, 63 percent of women define career success as having a job that allows them to balance their personal and professional lives. Men are less likely to value this, but still find it important.

This means offering employees flex-time to work from home, respecting vacation time and making sure new responsibilities are feasible before they are assigned.
According to a 2012 poll from the Society of Human Resource Managers, only 10 percent of companies offered formal flex-time.

However, this number is likely to increase. Technology is the main factor which will allow for such job perks. In many office settings, communicating with the fellow employees and/or clients is just as easy through outlets such as email, Skype, GoToMeeting and the phone. As long as the employee is organized, this option should work seamlessly.

Offering work-life balance benefits not only makes an employee feel more successful, but it can also attract top hires and keep them there at less cost to the business. Evidence shows that many people today are more likely to take a job, even if it pays less money, if they are offered flexibility. In addition, studies also show that overall moral will improve, absenteeism will decrease and motivation will be sustained if these benefits are offered.

David Posen, Oakville, Ont. stress doctor and author of Is Work Killing You?, explained the necessity of work-like balance benefits in this article by Harvey Schachter. “Work-life balance is not a luxury. It’s a necessity – for good health, energy and productivity. And there are serious consequences if our lives fall out of balance for too long. Balance is an antidote, a counterbalance, to chronic stress. Balance prevents burnout.”

To create a sustainable business, managers and owners need to maintain a culture that prevents burnout and promotes productivity. Proper work-life balance may be the best method.


There is Power in Your Attitude

Positive thinking can only benefit you

Positive thinking can only benefit you

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Every person is equipped with the power to bring change. If you believe something will happen, be it positive or negative, it will happen. This power is known as intention. It’s a choice and we all control that choice with our attitude.

It all boils down to how you think. Scientists have proven that our minds get into a habit of producing thoughts with a certain mindset. If you usually see life through a negative lens, the chemical produced will be familiar to your brain. The same is true with positve thought.

This perspective will create a chain reaction that starts with the emotions we store and generate on a daily basis.If we learn to nurture the good feelings and discard the negative, then our energy will attract positive energy from others. A smile does wonders to create a better day, a better reaction, and a better life.

Being positive can only lead to good things in your life. Don’t accept defeat and never let negativity stand in your way. Don’t even let it effect your thoughts. Obviously this can be difficult at times. But if you are able to welcome the challenges that face you and take pride in what you have achieved, it will motivate you and energize you to continue this flow of good energy.

Only you can decide what your attitude will be. If you make the daily choice to have a positive attitude your positivity will rub off onto others and begin to change the world. Literally, your attitude and belief can change the world.

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Benefits Derived from Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness programs offer dynamic benefits to the organization by helping employees live healthier lives.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance


This is more like the aim of having workplace wellness programs initially. The majority of workers often get afternoon fatigue as they are working throughout the day. A study by NASA shows that most workers who work at full efficiency throughout the day are those who exercise; those that are affected by fatigue are the ones that don’t exercise. Healthier workers make fewer errors and don’t suffer as much from skipping work due to sickness and so on. This means the levels of productivity in the company is almost guaranteed.

Quality Employees

As the workplace wellness programs increase in influence around the corporate world, you find that more and more managers are beginning to recognize that there is significant value in the health of an employee. A wellness program basically aims to improve employee health in the work environment to prevent health problems and increase immunity from illness.

Wellness programs are also important in that they allow employees to relax and get their mind off work. This means that as a company, through workplace wellness programs you will have a flexible workforce with a mindset that is more relaxed and is able to be efficient and productive.

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You Can’t Help Everyone, But You Can Help Someone

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

You may get frustrated, thinking that no matter how much you do, you can’t fix everything. It’s true that you can’t help everyone in the world. However, you can help at least one person. And helping one person may make a huge difference in their world.

Don’t ever think helping someone is a waste of time

Don’t ever think helping
someone is a waste of time

By helping one person, you may enable that person to help others, and you can move on to help others as well. It does a person’s heart good to help others, and as an added benefit, those you help may be around to help you when you need it.

Don’t ever give up on being a good person. Maybe whatever you can do for someone else right now doesn’t seem like much, but it can mean everything to them at that moment. Even a small kindness can, at the very least, change someone’s outlook and make them feel more positive.

It will most likely help you to feel more positive as well, and great things can happen when you have the right attitude. People may forget some of the things you do, but they will likely always remember how you made them feel. And making anyone feel good about humanity can give them an immeasurable boost.

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Benefits of Meditation Against Stress to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Using Meditation Against Stress

Meditation relaxes our mind and gives us a better outlook towards stressful incidents; opening our minds to an increase in productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Stress may be a normal state everyday for people who do not manage their time and efforts well, or to people who receive continuous bombardment from their inconsiderate bosses, which may result in negative productivity in the workplace. Stress heightens our response towards a situation. It tells us whether we should fight or run. Now, because of too much stress, our body receives an overload of adrenaline, which can lead to agitation and hyperactivity.

In order to be calm and have a better approach to the cause of stress, a good option for a person may be meditation. Here are several advantages one may be able to get from meditation:

  • Heart rate slows down.
  • Breathing rate slows down.
  • Blood pressure normalizes.
  • Sweating lessens.
  • Adrenaline gland produces less cortisol.
  • Immune system improves.

These are just some of the benefits you may be able to get from meditation. Therefore, the next time you feel too much has been placed on your shoulders and you feel like you want to explode, meditate instead. When you are calm, it is easier to see solutions to the work you are facing. Pause, relax, close your eyes and breathe slowly. Go ahead and start thinking of relaxing situations, such as a cool breeze on a hot day, or sitting under a shady tree. You will surely be able to overcome the stress and things will be better, especially when it comes to your productivity in the workplace.

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