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How Good Wellbeing Helps a Professional Speaker Rock Interviews

A professional speaker will tell you that candidates with good well being are likelier to succeed in interviews.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

When it comes time to sitting down for an interview, a professional speaker will tell us that those who practice good well being are likelier to perform well than those who don’t. Expert speaker Andy Core says there is a multitude of reasons for this.

  1. Sleeping well makes your mind more energized and able to deal with tough questions.
  2. A healthy diet makes your skin look better, giving the impression that you’re someone who takes care of themselves and will put that same effort into work.
  3. Regular exercise gives you a boost of energy. It also gives you confidence because if you’re able to tackle that tough hill on your bike, what’s an interview?
  4. The dedication you put into your well being also applies to how you approach interviews. If you take the time to plan a week’s worth of balanced meals, you’re likelier to put the same planning into that interview.
  5. It gives you perspective. A professional speaker who takes care of their bodies knows that healthy living is far more important than a blown interview or two.

Although it may not seem like there’s a link between your well being and interview performance, a professional speaker knows otherwise. Start practicing better well being and see how fast your interviews get better.

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