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A Professional Speaker Suggests Having a Day Care Center Near Your Workplace

Professional speaker suggests having somewhere closeby where your parent employees can leave their babies for reduced stress and improved productivity in the workplace.

A professional speaker suggests having day care close by where your parent employees can leave their small children for reduced stress and improved productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Professional speakers suggest having a day care center near your workplace. Some of your employees are parents taking care of kids less than 5-years old. Some are even moms that are nursing their babies that are less than two of age. It can be difficult for these parents to work because they don’t have anyone to take care of their children nor anywhere to leave their children for extended hours.

Having a day care near your workplace will help ease your parent employees’ minds about their children. The closer they feel to their children, the more comfortable they feel. A comfortable and happy worker is a productive worker in the workplace. Professional speakers also reminds that these parents can, during their lunch breaks, just go to where their babies are to check on them instead of worrying about their children and increasing their stress levels.

If there are no nearby day care centers in your workplace, you can consider building a clinic and expanding it to accommodate taking care of babies. This might even be a better idea because the parents won’t even have to leave your building. This will also improve your employee’s loyalty to your company as you’re accommodating for their needs.

Babies are one of the exceptions of separating their personal and professional lives because parents think about their children a lot, and relieving them of these worries can improve their productivity in the workplace. This is why a professional speaker suggests having a day care center near your workplace is a good idea.

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