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Maximize Productivity in the Workplace; Avoid Unhealthy Stress-Coping Mechanisms

Drowning your sorrows is never a good way to help maintain productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

People have many different ways of coping with stress that they may experience at work. It is important, however, that in order to maintain productivity in the workplace, that you avoid the following coping mechanisms, for whilst they may have short term benefits, the long term effect on your productivity and your health leave a lot to be desired.

Drinking Alcohol

Some people try to cope by having a few drinks in the evening. The alcohol soothes them and allows them to forget their worries for the night. The problems with this, in the long term, however, can be catastrophic. At best, you will find yourself becoming lethargic during the day, having to work through the hangovers every morning and being irritable with workmates. This does very little for your productivity in the workplace. At worst, you are risking serious health problems in the future. This kind of coping mechanism is to be avoided!

Overeating or Under Eating

It is well known that some people cope with problems by altering their eating pattern. Clearly, either approach has potential health problems, but even without considering those, they will have a massive effect on your ability to work. If you are under eating you will lack energy, meaning that even the simplest tasks at work will seem that harder; increasing your stress levels. Overeat and you will start to think more about your stomach than your work; again, your productivity will decrease as your stress levels rise.


Never put off today what you could do tomorrow; for what will you then do with tomorrow’s work? Procrastination is an avoidance technique; trying to tell yourself that you can forget the stress because the job isn’t important. Sadly, this is rarely the case, and putting off work places you under more pressure as the deadline draws near.

Avoid these stress-coping mechanisms or your productivity in the workplace, as well as your health, will deteriorate.

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Is There Any Way to Fight Stress?

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance

Learning how to deal with stress will improve the quality of your life

Learning how to deal with stress will
improve the quality of your life

Even though it might seem hard to come up with ways to manage stress, it’s important that you really learn how to as stress can take a toll on your personal life and health.

Take Time out for yourself.  Whether it is listening to music, watching a movie or hanging out with friends, make it a habit to always make time for the things that make you happy and help you relax. Enjoying your life is as important as is attending to your responsibilities and duties as otherwise you can wind up with various negative imbalances within your personal life.

Don’t cope with stress in detrimental ways. Resorting to addictive behaviors such as drinking too much alcohol, abusing drugs etc in no way will be beneficial for you or your health in the long-run.

Share your problems. Vocalizing and talking about your everyday troubles with friends or relatives will lighten up your heart and mind and hence will help you to feel calmer. Your friends can offer you their insight on your problems and might even be able to provide you with adequate solutions.

Seek professional help. At times talking to a professional can really help you to unwind and de-stress. The sessions can also offer you a new perspective on how to approach life and other issues in general.

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