Stress Management and Stress Busting Strategies

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Stress is a creeping paralysis which can debilitate many of us.  We might think changing our lives is the way through this, but simply by changing our day, we can relieve stress.

Not the best way to reduce stress

Not the best way to reduce stress

Stress is not good for us and avoiding anxiety is about mind over matter.  Of course, it can be hard to prevent it coming, but the trick is to ensure when it does hit us like someone banging a door in our face, we can learn how to lessen the impact the sneaky thing has on our bodies and mind. Adrenalin is a good motivator for a challenging work environment but when we begin to feel overwhelmed and uneasiness begins to make us worry, it can be a sure sign of stress creeping in.

Stress busters are helpful ways to improve our daily performance and keep our minds and bodies in tip-top condition.  Drinking plenty of water, moving away from our desks, taking a walk even if only in the car lot, are all ways which will combat the onset of stress. For more stress-busting strategies, subscribe to Andy Core today.

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