Stress Management and the Joy of Destruction

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Growing up, my summer job consisted of:

Step one: My grandfather would purchase a partially burned down house.
Step two: My two younger brothers and I were in charge of clearing out the sooty, burned up, weather soaked, disgusting materials so he could begin the restoration.  Wearing a bandanna over our nose and mouth, we would use a snow shovel to scoop up all the black dust covered crap off the floor and dump it into a wheelbarrow.  When the wheelbarrow was full, we would attempt to run the overflowing wheelbarrow up a wood plank that was no more than 8 inches wide, and with any luck, dump it into an industrial dumpster that stood 8 foot high.   Not a fun job… especially when we missed.
Step three: As soon as the floors were clear, we would drop the shovels and grab the sledge hammers.  We would hammer down any walls, sinks, windows and anything else that needed to be replaced.  This was the fun job.  As the destruction began, everyone’s energy and attitude improved.  We would eventually start laughing, heckling each other, and having a total blast.

I had forgotten about how much fun that was until this this morning when I ran across a video on CNN Money.  This video showcases a business that offers a unique way to de-stress.  Basically, you buy things to smash against a brick wall.  Click the image to go to the video.

Stressed? Smash something!

What is the point of this post?  I am not recommending that the next time you are stressed you throw a fit and start breaking things, but rather that there is a lot more to stress management than deep breathing and counting to 10.  We relieve stress in a number of ways.  Do you relieve stress is an unusual way?  Please hit comment and share.  We would love to hear it.



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