How Stress Can Lead To Compulsive Disorders

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Stress can lead to erratic compulsive disorders

Stress can lead to erratic
compulsive disorders

In your life, you will come across many individuals who suffer from chronic compulsive disorders and could be shopaholics, alcoholics, workaholics, binge eaters or could simply be anyone who resorts to any sort of detrimental compulsive behavior. Universally, stress of some kind, is the chief culprit behind such obsessive practices.

Researchers’ state, that for individuals that suffer from compulsive disorders, stress is what contributes to their addictive behaviors. Additionally, when a surplus of stress comes into play, their situation often is exacerbated. What is more is that stress is frequently also the sole reason that causes the folks who are in remission, to experience episodes of relapse.

What it comes down to is the emotions that result from the stressful situations that lead them to these addictive disorders. For instance, individuals who do not vocalize or channel their emotions effectively or deal with the responsibly and rather choose to keep them bottled up inside, often end up either frustrated or depressed. In such cases, to alleviate the emotional discomfort, they begin to engage in addictive behaviors. However in any kind of addictive behavior, only adds to their stress thus perpetuating a vicious cycle. Thus, be on the safe side, and learn to cope with stress in a positive manner in order to avoid falling for the same addictive patterns yourself.

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