Can Stress Really be Keeping You From Loosing the Pounds?

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Higher stress levels can actually cause weight gain

Higher stress levels can actually cause
weight gain

Are you one of those individuals who have been constantly dieting and exercising but nevertheless can’t seem to manage to shave off the extra pounds? Is there a possibility that you are having been adhering to a very demanding lifestyle that indirectly might have put your mind and body under a lot of stress? If so, then that could just be the reason you aren’t seeing the number on the weighing scale decreasing lately. When hoping to lose weight, supplementary psychological or physical stress can really begin to impede your results.

Continual physiological or psychological stress, steer our bodies into producing excessive Cortisol which is a hormone that will make you more prone to insulin resistance. This consequently will hamper your body from utilizing its own adipose fat as a source of fuel, therefore hindering fat-loss in general. With time, insulin resistance will also cause you to pack on more pounds, inadvertently.

Additionally, elevated stress levels decreases the production of leptin- a hormone that is responsible for the feeling of satiety in individuals. A fall in leptin level as a resultant leads to an increase in appetite, which often makes it hard for dieters to stick to a weight loss regimen. Apart from that, chronic stress also inhibits the release of two other dominating hormones namely testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Both of these hormones are the essential for continual and successful weight-loss.

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