How to Stick To an Exercise Regimena

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There are several ways in which you can adhere to an exercise routine

There are several ways in which you can adhere to an exercise routine

In order to exercise regularly, it helps if you work out a plan for your sessions. Here are some tips on how to adhere to an exercise routine.

Set some goals.

Make it a habit to set some realistic goals regularly. Make sure these are goals that can be measured easily and constantly. Make sure not to weigh yourself everyday as its normal for your weight to fluctuate daily. One a week would suffice.

Make exercise a priority.

We are all aware of the health benefits that exercise can provide us with such as get rid of excess weight, feel healthier, look better, augment energy levels etc. So if you want to acquire these benefits, make the commitment to exercise regularly.

Keep an activity diary.

 Make a diary for your exercise sessions. This could include the time period for how long your sessions were, how many calories you burned, which activities you should be doing and you did manage to do etc. Moreover, you could also set up some weekly goals and assign some justifiable rewards, if you do manage to accomplish those goals.

Keep some room for setbacks.

 If by chance you can’t complete  a session or miss out on one, be prepared beforehand to make modifications to your weekly routine so that they can make up for the missed sessions.


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