Smiling is Beneficial For Your Heart

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Smiling is good for the heart!

Smiling is good for the heart!

Scientists confirm that smiling is truly good for your health. It can help to alleviate stress hormones by decreasing your heart rate, even if the smile is unnatural and is rather forced. A study affirms that if somehow you can manage to get people who have been engaged in stressful tasks to smile, this practice helps them to recover quicker.

The mentioned study included an experiment where subjects were asked to hold a pair of chopsticks in their mouths to perfunctorily create facial expressions that either mimicked a “happy face” or a “neutral face.” The stress-alleviating effects were most prominent in subjects that had full on smiles where they managed to engage the cheeks, the eyes in addition to the mouth.  These constructive changes were also experienced, though to a lesser degree, by the individuals for whom the chopsticks produced polite smiles.

In this research, the subject weren’t actually aware of the fact that the chopsticks actually altered their facial expressions, but nevertheless that didn’t manipulate the effect their smiles had on their recuperation from stress.

The researchers explained that when we smile the muscle activity involved in smiling indicates to the brain that everything is fine, which might be the reason why our heart rate declines and stress levels decrease as well.

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