Sitting Too Much Can Shorten Your Life Span!

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Living a sedentary life can shorten your life span by 3 years!

Living a sedentary life can shorten your life
span by 3 years!

As oppose to being active, most individuals, whether they are professionals or stay home moms; tend to spend most of their day sitting. Half of us, who have office jobs, are usually glued to our chairs as we work on our projects.

A recent study implicated that due to our chronic sitting habit our children are expected to have a shorter life span. Researchers of the study clearly stated that children will live for a much shorter time than us even after all the breakthrough advancements medicine and technology have made over the years. The culprit behind this is the fact that a high percentage of individuals simply spend 7 to 10 hours each day sitting. 

Sitting too much weakens our body’s muscles. Additionally our lower and mid waist tends to get wider due to the lack of activity. The study also indicated that passiveness has a direct effect on our longevity and apparently inactivity can reduce your life span by 3 years.

It has been found that individuals, who remain inactive for over 8 years, are at a great risk for getting colon cancer. So in order to avoid such debacles, add in some moderate exercise to your daily routine.


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