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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

To attain optimal health a balanced diet is needed!

To attain optimal health
a balanced diet is needed!

Below are a few ideas for a well-rounded, balanced diet which you can follow to improve your health.

Breakfast: Have a whole-grain cereal with milk, nuts and fruit or perhaps whole-grain pancakes with natural peanut butter and fruit puree. Other things you can opt for could be a fruit milkshake or a smoothie, eggs etc.
Lunch: For lunch go for some salad that contains some source of animal protein, leafy greens and then add complement it with other ingredients such as some sweet corn, beans, avocados, tomatoes, boiled carrots, eggs etc. Apart from the salad you could enjoy a whole-wheat bread sandwich or a tortilla wrap but try to add tones of vegetables them.

Dinner: For this meal you could enjoy a serving of pasta with tomato sauce instead of some creamy pasta sauce and vegetables. As an alternative you could enjoy a steak of your choice (chicken or beef etc) or baked fish with some steamed vegetables such as carrots. Replace creamy pasta sauces, with sautéed vegetables or tomato sauce made with healthy olive oil.

Snacks: For snacks choose from a variety of fresh vegetables or fruit. A few examples could be fruit and yogurt, hummus and carrots, cottage cheese and dried fruit, dark chocolate, trail mix etc.
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