Remain Calm During Conflict: Never lose Your temper

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Losing your cool will only make matters worse

Losing your cool will only make matters worse

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Everybody gets angry at some time. Sometimes when you lose your temper it may feel good to shout and insult those you are angry with. However, such a reaction will always have consequences that you may not have intended especially after you have calmed down.

Shouting or making disparaging comments at someone will only hurt their feelings and this is especially problematic when you are dealing with co-workers or loved-ones. In such cases you will damage your relationships and you will end up being the one who has to apologize and do all the work to repair the relationship. A convention speaker can teach you how to remain calm.

When dealing with conflict, you need to learn to remain calm and sensible at all times. Even if you have good reason to be angry, you should remain calm and state your case with empathy. In that way the person who has wronged you will not feel like they are being attacked and will be more sympathetic to your point of view when trying to resolve the matter.

Losing your temper is never a good way to dealt with conflict and more often than not only worsens the situation. It is better to stay calm and come up with a solution that benefits all parties and not just your ego. Take some advice from a convention speaker on how to deal with conflict.


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