Two Things You Should Refrain From At Fast Food Restaurants

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Stay away from super-sized servings when eating at a fast food restaurant!

Stay away from super-sized servings
when eating at a fast food restaurant!

Here are two things that you should avoid when eating out:

Stay away from extra-large portions:

An average meal at one of the infamous fast foods chains like Pizza Hut, Mcdonalds, KFC can pack up to 800 calories. So if you upsize the portions and add it servings of sides such as fries, mozzarella sticks, nuggets etc, you can be packing around 1000- 1300 calories in just one single meal. In order to avoid the high calorie-bomb opt for dress-free salads instead of nuggets or fries and just never super-size your meals.

Leave the processed meat out:

Many of the burgers, sandwiches or pizzas have a lot of processed meat added to them such as pastrami, salami, beef or turkey bacon, bologna etc. They all might taste good but they are extremely unhealthy and can cause various stomach and heart conditions. Leave the process meat out of your meals and instead opt for fresh meats, lettuce, tomatoes, low-fat cheese, pickles etc, to avoid the accumulation of added additives, sodium and Trans fats in your gut. These processed meats hardly have any nutrients in them whilst fresh animal meat can provide you with protein, vitamin B, vitamin A and iron. .

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