The Reason for the Necessity of Workplace Wellness Programs

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A good fire needs good firewood. Workplace wellness programs can keep the motivation in employees burning hot with their bodies ready for the heat of work.

A good fire needs good firewood. Workplace wellness programs can keep the motivation in employees burning hot .

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Why is it that companies offer workplace wellness programs to its employees? It is simply because the well-being of employees is directly related to their performance at work. A healthy mind and body are more ready for work than one banged up by bad habits. Let’s face the truth: work is stressful. Because of that precise reason, mistreating your body would just make it worse. If the body is not fit to handle the stress of working, then the employee will eventually collapse or become ill.

Workaholics are a great example for this scenario. They work like zealots and put great strain on their bodies. Even if their minds are not stressed because of their passion for work, their bodies will crumble to overuse and they will lose the productivity that they once had. In summary, their performance suffers. The purpose of wellness programs is to prevent that from happening.

Employees who partake in workplace wellness programs usually have these advantages:

  • Healthier living
  • Less prone to illness
  • Less stress and a happier life

Employers can argue that employees should know how to take care of themselves, but the demands that jobs have are just simply too much. It is often the case that the amount of work exceeds the amount of time allotted. This leads to the employee lacking time to mind himself, forgetting to eat well, sleep well, or take a break. Workplace wellness programs are critical for preserving employee performance, getting one could save you a lot of expenses.

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